Artisanal Treats for the Regal Dog

Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie

Lord Jameson is on a mission to elevate the bond between dogs and humans in every way possible.

By treating dogs to a fancy experience (our treats) and donating proceeds to support service and therapy dog organizations (our philanthropic mission), we seek to serve the unspoken loyalty that dogs have given to humans for hundreds of years.

We spent two years developing our flavors and ingredient profiles in pursuit of formulating a 100% Organic treat that is beautiful in form, without any dairy, wheat, corn, soy, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors.

Handmade with real ingredients!


Artisanal Treats For The Regal Dog.

We believe that every dog treat should be made with the finest 100% organic ingredients to provide a fancy yet healthy culinary experience . Love and luxury in every bite.


Made with 100% Organic Non-GMO Ingredients . No Gluten, Corn, Soy Or Dairy or Preservatives. Vegan. Made with Love

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Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie has been featured in several top media outlets throughout the country.

People Magazine Pets


Looks good enough to eat, right? These delectable morsels are actually dog treats modeled to look like high-end human chocolates. Each goodie is filled with ingredients that dogs love and are healthy for them to eat. 

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Downtown Magazine

How Lord Jameson is Revolutionizing Dog Treats

Downtown spoke to Sarah Goldberger, founder of Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie, who is a proud dog-mom who has created a tasty and healthy artisanal treat for pups. The idea for the treat balls came to fruition from her loving dog, Jameson.

Us Weekly

Presents for Your Pet (a.k.a. Your True Love)

Give your pooch a luxury indulgence. These organic, vegan snacks are made with real coconut, dates, peanuts and gluten-free oats.