What is Everyone Barking About



Jax is pretty picky about treats but the minute he tried Lord Jameson he was hooked immediately.

They're soft & chewy which Jax loves, and I love the fact they're made with natural ingredients so I know he's getting the best!


Darla is cuckoo for Lord Jameson's Simply Coconut pet treats! And, with 100% organic, Non-GMO ingredients, I feel good about feeding them to her, too!

Darla sends a woofy thank you to the delightful team at Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie!


I turn 18 this year and finally found my favorite treats! Especially as I am getting older the softer texture makes it easier for me to chew. My mom can easily break off a piece for portion control if we need to watch my weight.

Thank you Lord Jameson for treating an older furry gentleman to something so unique and delectable! I wish I had these all my life!



There are loads of treats out there but nothing that compares to the AMAZING Organic Dog Treats from Lord Jameson. Lola begs for her Lord Jameson treats whenever she sees the bag.

She will do anything for them, so they even helped a stubborn little Frenchie learn good manners!



MisTricks suffers from terrible allergies that make finding her food and treats extremely hard.

We love Lord Jameson because the treats are yummy and healthy, and most importantly, the organic, vegan, hand selected ingredients don't make MisTricks sick! Trix loves living the luxurious life with special treats like simply coconut.


Zion loved the Blueberry, Ginger, and Pumpkin Lord Jameson treats and he would rather snack on Lord Jameson treats over any other artisanal dog indulgences he’s tried so far.

He does tricks so impressively for Lord Jameson treats. We’re looking forward to all the new products Lord Jameson plans to introduce!



Zuzu is one finicky pup! So I am so thankful we came across Lord Jameson dog treats. Birthday Bash is her #1 favorite. Berry Best, Coco Crush & Blue Bliss are all a paws up for my fussy little Zuzu. I just love that they use all healthy organic ingredients The texture is also so nice and chewy and easy for my little Zuzu to eat. I will even sprinkle it on her meals to get her to be excited about her food ! Thank you Lord Jameson for making treats I feel 100% good about.



As soon as I pull out the bag of Lord Jameson treats Oliver twirls three times and then sits down to wait for his treat. They smell so good and are so flavorful that when I hand them to him he is so excited and I have to be careful or he'll bite me out of excitement. We love that they are so natural since he has so many allergies. They have become a new favorite for Oliver and he can literally smell them from a room away!