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Remember Me Thursday

September 20, 2018

Remember Me Thursday is a day to raise awareness for the animals in shelters all over the world waiting to find forever families and to honor the lost lives of loving animals that never found forever families.


The goal of the Remember Me Thursday Awareness Campaign is to get people worldwide talking about pet adoption. This year, over 200 organizations and pet rescue groups all over the world have registered to participate. In honor of the day we would like to present some of the Bideawee Animal Rescue pups looking to find forever families. Bidaewee was founded in 1903 as one of America's first no-kill animal rescues.


Beautiful Bideawee Babies:



Meet Countess


Countess is a beautiful medium sized white and tan female. She is 8 months old, spayed, and ready to come home with a loving owner. 


Come visit Countess at the Manhattan location!





Meet Destiny


Destiny is a unique one year old large mix. She is a snow-white color with black markings. She is lovable, entertaining, and playful. She is spayed and ready to find her forever family. 


Stop by the Manhattan location to learn more about Destiny!





Meet Levi


Levi is a two year old boy. He is a large mixed breed dog with a gentle natural. He is neutered and ready for adoption. Come see for yourself how sweet Levi can be. 


Levi currently lives at the Westhampton location. 





These are just three of many precious pups at Bideawee shelters. And Bideawee is just one of many amazing shelters! There are countless cuties in search of homes.