The name Lord Jameson originates from the company's Brand Ambassador Jameson, who is a certified Therapy Dog.

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We know the boundless love that you have for your dog. We share it with you too.

Our core principle is built on a never-ending promise to love your dog like our very own, and to treat your dog to the healthiest culinary experience. Exceptional flavors achieved by using real ingredients with nutritional benefits. We spent two years developing our flavors in pursuit of formulating a 100% organic soft treat that is beautiful in form, without any preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors or GMO ingredients. 

Real food with ingredients you can pronounce and will find at your farmer's market.

A Message From Our Founder

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Jameson and I became a Certified Therapy Dog Team in 2013 with The Good Dog Foundation in New York.

Jameson set off to adapt the mission of easing human suffering and promoting recovery from trauma and stress. Using animal-assisted therapy services, Jameson works to aid the healing process and enhance the quality of life of humans.

Watching him positively impact the life of a stranger in need was so profound I just knew we had to create something special to reward dogs for their unconditional love and give back to the community in the process.

Proceeds from the sale of every item go back to support animal welfare organizations including service and therapy dog groups throughout the country.  We believe no dog should ever be without a human to love and treat them.

We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we love sharing it with you and your family.

Sarah (Founder)