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Fall & Holiday Collection

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Pumpkin Spice Pops

New To Market

Hello Fall! Custom made seasonal packaging filled with our new delicious Pumpkin Spice recipe. Each ball is soft and easy to break apart. Rolled in organic coconut shreds. The perfect flavor for dogs this fall! 

Sold in case count of 12 units, comes with beautiful display box!

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Gingerbread Cane 

Custom made candy cane with our signature organic gingerbread recipe. Each ball is festively rolled in organic plant-based red and green coconut shreds.

Perfect for stocking stuffers and holiday gifting (for under $10)!

Sold in case count of 12 units, comes with beautiful display box!

Holiday Cobbler

Sweet and juicy apples combined with aromatic coconut and holiday spice. The perfect sweet and juicy dog treat this holiday.

Hand-selected super-foods including gluten-free rolled oats, dates and roasted peanut butter.

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 Made with a tasteful combination of organic plant based super-foods including organic ginger, gluten free oats, and roasted peanut butter.

Inspired by our grandmother's organic gingerbread recipe and adapted to fit the dietary needs of dogs.

Beautiful aroma, incredible taste - so delicious your dog's tail will wag for more!

Hanukkah Gelt

Rich notes of naturally grown wild blueberries layered with organic super-foods including fragrant coconuts and gluten-free oats.

Perfect way to celebrate the festival of lights!

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