Allergy-Friendly Organic Dog Treats: Safe and Delicious Options | Lord Jameson

Allergy-Friendly Organic Dog Treats: Safe and Delicious Options | Lord Jameson

Allergy-Friendly Organic Dog Treats: Safe and Delicious Options | Lord Jameson

Allergy-Friendly Organic Dog Treats: Safe and Delicious Options

What if your dearest friend - your pup, has some food allergies? Are you unsure why they are scratching a bit more than they should, have red marks, or have some extra paw licking? Are you wondering if you should be seeing so much excessive shedding, and wondering whether you are going wrong somewhere?

You may be aware of your pet's allergies, and even taking care of their diet, but you may be getting some serious and persistent puppy eyes for delicious treats that contain some allergens, perhaps?

We know the importance of keeping your pet both happy and healthy, and that is why we consider the diet of dogs with allergies. Hypoallergenic dog treats may sound too good to be true, but here we are with some amazing options!

If you want to know more about the best hypoallergenic dog treats which are natural, know more about the limited ingredients dogs can have, read on! To know more about us, click here

Why Do Dogs Become Allergic to Certain Ingredients?

Just like us humans, dogs and other animals can develop allergies to certain ingredients. When a certain ingredient/s causes a reaction to the immune system, we can consider that they are allergic to the certain item.

If you are feeling bad for your allergic little puppies, don't be! Because with the advancements in science and our knowledge in how to deal with the allergic reaction has made it a lot easier for our furry friends. 

That being said, here are some reasons why some dogs' immune system triggers a response to certain foods-

  • Genetic Reasons

There are certain predisposed factors like genetic components that can cause allergies. What you can do is talk with the veterinarian. 

There are certain breeds like pit bulls, retrievers, boxers, cocker spaniels, german shepherds, etc. that are more prone to allergies. Get to know what to look out for and what steps you can do if your pet indeed is having an allergic reaction.

  • Proteins

A lot of food allergies in dogs are caused by certain protein sources. 

Some of the common allergens are proteins in beef, chicken, soy, eggs and even dairy. Some are allergic to wheat.

  • Overexposure and sensitization

You may find it comforting to know that your pet has consumed and digested certain foods well, for years; sometimes! And sometimes, the lack of variety and the overexposure to a certain element may cause sensitization to ingredients. 

Don't worry, speaking to your veterinarian will always help you provide the best meals to your pets!

  • Weak gastrointestinal barrier

A strong gastrointestinal barrier helps the prevention of absorption of the allergens, and when a dog has weak gastrointestinal barrier, unfortunately they are prone to infections, inflammations and often trigger an allergic reaction.

If you suspect that your furry friend has an allergy, it is always the best option to speak with a veterinarian. It is vital to determine the underlying reason for your dog's allergy, and only then you can find the best solutions, make dietary changes and eliminate certain ingredients for good from their diet. You may also have to find a better replacement to keep the nutritional elements balanced and involve hypoallergenic foods.

Understanding Allergies in Dogs

Humans and animals both can suffer from some common and some rather rare allergies, and based on how much of a threat our immunity systems consider a certain ingredient, the symptoms can vary from mild to severe.

  • Food allergies are common in dogs, their symptoms may include itching, inflamed skin, digestion issues and vomiting, diarrhea, some even shed more hair or get ear infections.
  • Sometimes ticks or fleas may cause allergies and reactions, where they cause intense itching, hot spots, secondary skin infections or even develop fevers.
  • Some are allergic to chemical substances like cleaning products, fabrics, or even to some plants. These may cause localized itching and swelling to certain affected areas of their skin.
  • You may have smiled when your dog sneezed once or twice, but gotten worried if it didn't stop or caused some more problems like watery eyes, nasal discharge and issues with regular breathing. In that case, they may be allergic to environmental elements like pollens, dust, molds or some plants or fragrances.

You may have noticed that itching and hair loss is not only present in multiple allergic reactions, but these are sometimes reactions to boredom or even stress. Don't worry about being judged for asking doubts, consult a vet! A proper  diagnosis will help you with better treatment and happier times with your dogs!

Allergies are certainly unexpected in most cases, and it is just difficult for us - pet parents to see our pets go through traumatic experiences, not even being able to communicate with us! Once we know what the allergens are, we can make the necessary changes to give our dogs a pawsome life!

Benefits of Allergy-friendly Organic Dog Treats

Allergy-friendly foods are a blessing for your sensitive little pups!

With their limited ingredients the likelihood of an allergic reaction is low. Hypoallergenic foods avoid common allergens like wheat, soy, milk, etc. It is always better to opt for natural, organic, hypoallergenic treats.

While being safe for your pets, allergy-friendly organic dog treats also give them that ‘something extra’ factor for some more tail-wagging and mouth-watering time. 

Introducing Allergy-friendly Organic Treats to your Dog

At Lord Jameson, we offer only the best of the good stuff for your pets! We want your pets to have a healthy and happy life, and we focus on making treats that are good for their teeth, easy on their stomach and weight and promote overall health and balanced diet. We use fresh products that are organic and of the highest quality.

To make it better, all the flavors are natural and tasty. By making them gluten-free and avoiding GMO, preservatives and keeping it vegan, we also eliminate a lot of common allergens.

If your dogs are allergic to certain ingredients, we also offer you multiple choices to choose from and a transparent ingredient list mentioned in each product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get hypoallergenic dog treats?

Hypoallergenic dog treats contain limited ingredients that exclude the most common allergens, are usually grain free and are the best treats for all dogs, sensitive and otherwise.

What can I give my dog who is allergic to everything?

Firstly, please visit a vet, and get a proper diagnosis before you make changes in your dog’s diet. With the vet’s help, you will be able to find a solution and the best balanced diet for your dog.

Are allergy-friendly organic dog treats nutritionally balanced?

At Lord Jameson, we offer you fully natural, organic, vegan and gluten free treats with no GMO or preservatives. These have a high nutritional value and are balanced in taste as well as with the ingredients.

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Where can I buy allergy-friendly organic dog treats?

Consider checking our collection of natural, organic and healthy hypoallergenic dog treats! They are outrageously delicious, USDA certified and are great even for picky eaters!