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Can Puppies Eat Dog Treats

Can Puppies Eat Dog Treats

Can Puppies Eat Dog Treats?

We pet parents often worry about little things, especially our pet's diet and health. You may have experience with puppies before, or perhaps you are a new pet parent, but it is very typical to wonder whether it is okay if your puppy munches on some dog treats.

Well, usually, the answer is yes, with a few reservations. Puppies have sensitive tummies, so treats for puppies are specifically designed with their developmental stage and small size in mind.

Organic dog treats are a little simpler and easier, but you want to keep tabs on the ingredients, shape, and size to ensure they aren't a choking hazard and don't cause weight gain or upset stomach.

It is only natural to want to spoil your little pup a little, but with Lord Jameson, you can do so responsibly! So, read on to know more about puppies and dog treats!

Are Dog Treats Suitable for Puppies?

Dog treats specifically formulated for their age and developmental stage can suit puppies when given in balanced portions. Look for treats labeled as suitable for puppies, which are smaller in size, have a soft texture, and have ingredients tailored to support healthy growth.

Organic dog treats are always better since they are made with natural ingredients grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). They are also free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. 

Organic treats are the best option if your puppy has sensitivities or allergies. It is important to note that just because a treat says it is organic, it is not necessarily organic and suitable for your furry baby. Always check the ingredients list to ensure the nutritional value.

At Lord Jameson, we formulate dog treats for puppies for their age, size, and health needs. We use high-quality ingredients and offer a variety of natural flavors so that your pup feels loved with every bite of our soft and chewy treats for small breeds collection.

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 When Can a Puppy Have Treats?

 It is essential to consult your   veterinarian before   you introduce dog   treats to your puppies. Puppies   are   very delicate, so you should not give   them any   treats for at least 6-8 weeks. 

 When they are appropriately weaned   and are   comfortable eating solid   foods,  choose treats that   are very   easy to digest, are suitable for their   growing teeth, and avoid overfeeding.

How to Introduce Treats to a Puppy

You can gradually introduce treats to your fuzzy baby in moderation. Let's break down the steps-

✔ Begin Gradually

You can start by offering small pieces of soft and chewy treats during training or as rewards for good behavior. The gradual introduction will help your puppy adjust to new flavors and textures without hurting or overwhelming their digestive system.

✔ Observe

Observation is the key- so pay close attention to how your puppy reacts to the treats. See if they show excitement or signs of enjoyment, like wagging their little tails or eagerly accepting the treats. Monitor them for reactions to allergies like upset stomachs so you can adjust accordingly.

✔ Change with care

If you want to switch to a different brand of treats or other types and flavors, do so gradually to prevent digestive issues. Mix the newer ones with the old treats, slowly increasing the proportion of the new treats over time. It is also better to consult a veterinarian before you make any major changes.

✔  Practice Moderation

Treats should make up only a small portion of your puppy's daily caloric intake. You may fall for puppy eyes once in a while, but too many occasional treats will lead to an imbalance in their dietary needs.

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What to Look for in Dog Treats for Puppies

✔ Nutrition

Consider knowing which treats provide essential nutrients for your pup's growth and development. Opt for treats made with high-quality ingredients and avoid those with artificial additives, fillers, flavors, and excessive amounts of sugar, salts, and common allergens like gluten.

✔ Size

Select treats appropriately sized for your puppy's age, breed, and chewing ability. Bigger treats may pose a choking hazard to those impatient babies.

✔ Chew

Choose treats with a texture that encourages chewing - so your pup won't swallow it whole. Chewing properly will also promote dental health and help with their teething discomfort. 

Soft and chewy treats are the most preferred treats for puppies as they are easier on their developing teeth and gums, and organic ingredients make them easy to digest. By considering the nutrients, size, and chewiness, you can offer organic dog treats that are tasty, safe, and beneficial to your pup's overall health and well-being.

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Healthy Treat Recommendations

Our Small Breed Collection is complete with little rewards made with love. These signature recipes are delicious and full of vitamin-rich, whole-food ingredients. This collection offers the perfect bite-sized, soft, chewy, flavorful dog treats that fit your bundle of fur and joy.

 Very Berry Organic Dog Treats  | Lord JamesonVery Berry Organic Dog Treats 

 Experience a delightful burst of joy with every bite! Indulge in the perfect blend of luscious strawberries complemented by vibrant blueberries.

Nutrition Facts

Crude Protein - Min 10%

Crude Fat - Min 15%

Crude Fiber - Max 3%

Moisture - Max 14%

6.6 kcal/treat ME (calculated)

Confetti Cake Organic Dog Treats | Lord Jameson


Confetti Cake Organic Dog Treats

Elevate any occasion with the festive touch of confetti! Enjoy these party-colored treats on your special day, featuring delicious peanut butter and coconut flavors.

Nutrition Facts

Crude Protein - Min 7.5%

Crude Fat - Min 9%

Crude Fiber - Max 2.75%

Moisture - Max 15%

6.6 kcal/treat ME (calculated)

Tropical Paradise Organic Dog Treats  | Lord Jameson


Tropical Paradise Organic Dog Treats

Savor the distinctive combination of ripe watermelon and succulent mango; your puppy will be on top of the world!

Nutrition Facts

Crude Protein - Min 9%

Crude Fat - Min 16%

Crude Fiber - Max 3%

Moisture - Max 15%

8 kcal/treat ME (calculated)

Small Breed Collection Bundle | Lord Jameson


Small Breed Collection Bundle

Get 1 bag of Confetti Cake, 1 bag of Tropical Paradise, and 1 bag of Very Berry for exceptionally healthy, outrageously delicious USDA Organic Certified, Gluten Free Certified, Plant-Based, and Allergy-friendly dog treats curated with lots of love and care.



Benefits of Healthy Dog Treats

✔ Behavior reinforcement

Healthy and tasty dog treats reinforce positive behavior by serving as a reward during training sessions.

✔ Skill development

They can aid in skill development by providing motivation for learning new commands and tricks.

✔ Dental health

Soft and chewy organic dog treats can support your pup's dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup and relieving them from teething pains.

 ✔ Bonding

Sharing treats often strengthens the bond between pet parents and pets with positive interactions and shared experiences.

✔ Nutrition

When given in proportion, high-quality dog treats contribute to a balanced diet, providing essential nutrients for overall health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many treats can a puppy have per day?

A puppy should generally have no more than 5-10% of their daily calorie intake from treats, with the specific number varying based on age, size, and activity level.

What treats are safe for puppies?

Organic treats designed for puppies, featuring gentle textures and compact proportions, and crafted from premium, easily digestible ingredients are safe for puppies.

What are the best treats for puppy training?
The best treats for puppy training are small, soft, and highly palatable options that can be easily consumed and motivate puppies during training sessions.