Famous Dogs On Instagram

10 Dogs on Instagram That We Love

10 Dogs on Instagram That We Love

According to Pixlee, a social media influencer is "a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific industry. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach." Influencers tend to share photos of themselves, their daily routines, and just their lifestyle in general. In our opinion, the best kind of social media influencer is a doggie influencer! It's crazy (and so beyond awesome) that there are dogs with thousands, sometimes millions, of followers! They share their adorable faces, their favorite toys, treats, and like human influencers, dogs also enjoy sharing their daily routines. There are so many dogs on Instagram that we love, so we wanted to put together a list of 10 of them.

These dogs on Instagram have amassed large followings due to their sweet photos and videos. The dogs that we mention have absolutely beautiful photos that always put us in a good mood when we see them on our timeline! So, without further ado, here are 10 dogs on Instagram that we love!

List of 10 Dogs on Instagram That We Love

1. Mulligan (@GoodBoyMulligan)


Mulligan is one of our favorite Golden Retrievers! He recently hit over 100K followers on Instagram and has over 270K followers on TikTok (which is absolutely incredible)! His videos are beyond adorable, funny, and as you can tell by his pictures above, he's such a happy boy. Thankfully, Lord Jameson treats have been fully approved by Mulligan which we're super proud of! His mom, Rilee, said she is picky when it comes to the treats she gives Mulligan, however, she enjoys giving him our organic dog treats! Mulligan prides himself in being the 'Head Doggo' at Mulligan's Pro Shop - an apparel brand for dog lovers made by his parents.

2. Alfie (@LilDoodAlfie)


Alfie is a mini Goldendoodle from sunny California. His little curls are so cute and he knows how to pose perfectly! As you can tell by the photos above, Alfie is a natural model... The camera just loves him! Alfie has tried our organic dog treats and he gave them two paws up! Considering all of our treats are made with organic, natural ingredients, even Alfie's owners tried some Lord Jameson treats... Now, Alfie says he has to compete with his parents for them! In his testimonial, Alfie said that Lord Jameson's treats are his favorite! When checking out his profile, you have to scroll down and look at his puppy photos... SO cute!

3. Tucker (@TuckerBudzyn)


Tucker is one of the most famous dogs on the entire internet. With over 2.6 million Instagram followers, 6 million TikTok followers, 2 million YouTube subscribers, and 100 million likes on TikTok, it's safe to say that Tucker is extremely popular in the online world! All of Tucker's videos are absolutely hilarious... His owners always add silly captions to show what Tucker is probably saying in his head. He's done videos where he taste tests food, shares his morning routines, and even a video where he got married to another Golden Retriever named Journee... Yes, married!

4. Kai (@Kai.Toy.Pomsky)


We had the privilege of meeting Kai at one of our events in New York Cty. Kai is a toy Pomsky... He's so sweet, adorable, and he's such a little model! Kai has continuously shown his support for our Lord Jameson treats (as you can see in the photo above) and he's just always spreading the message of positivity. Although he only weighs 8.5 pounds, his heart is SO big! We love seeing his photos on our timeline and we're so thrilled that we had the opportunity to meet him, and collaborate with him!

5. Lola (@LolaTheTerrible)


Don't let Lola's username fool you... She's the complete opposite of terrible! Lola is a beautiful little Frenchie that's always smiling ear to ear! As her Instagram bio states, "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets!" because honestly, how could you say no to that face? Lola's page is full of beautiful colors, happy faces, and lovely shots of her having fun in the sun. She's obsessed with our dog treats and goes crazy when she sees or hears the bag! We adore Lola's feed and the message she spreads to all of her wonderful followers!

6. That Dood Squad (@ThatDoodSquad)


We absolutely adore 'That Dood Squad'! This adorable squad consists of 7 gorgeous doodles named Bernie, Sheldon, Lola, Tank, Packer, Addie, and Cedar. They're all close friends who enjoy spending loads of time together... How their owners get them all to pose so beautifully is beyond us! Their photos are incredibly cute, unique, and creative. If you're a fan of all types of doodles, then definitely check them out!

7. Jax (@JaxNYCDog)


Jax is an adorable Cavapoochon (a Cavalier King Charles, Bichon Frise, and Toy Poodle mix). He's a NYC dog who has the sweetest little face. Jax is best friends with his human sister and they're always posting the most adorable photos together. Jax has over 32K followers which is beyond impressive! It's not hard to wonder why people want to follow his page - just look how adorable he is!

8. Lizzie & Ally (@Lizzie.Bear)


Lizzie and Ally take some of the most adorable photos together! They're best friends from Canada who love to pose next to each other. Lizzie is the older friend, but she's equally as beautiful as Ally! Lizzie and Ally enjoy wearing matching accessories and taking the coziest of naps together. )Honestly, we would want nothing more than to cuddle up next to them!) We adore these two so much!

9. Apollo (@Apollo_GermanShepherd)


Apollo is such an amazing dog! He's a talented German Shepherd who is able to understand a few languages that his owners speak... Yes, a few! Apollo is less than a year old and already has 20K followers! Although his mom said he's a picky eater, Apollo highly approves of our Lord Jameson treats. He's always sharing his fun-filled days exploring Miami Beach on his Instagram, so make sure to go check out his adventurous photos!

10. Watson & Kiko (@Wat.Ki)


Watson and Kiko have the most special bond. These brothers are always hugging which never fails to put smiles on our faces. Unfortunately, a year ago, Kiko (who is 9) was diagnosed with cancer and they had to remove one of his front legs. However, he's such a fighter and he continues to explore the great outdoors with Watson. This adorable pair is always spreading a beautiful message and they are close to 1 million followers on Instagram. Watson takes such great care of his brother Kiko and even though they've had to go through rough patches, they continue to smile. We absolutely love them!

Conclusion of 10 Dogs on Instagram That We Love

That was a list of just 10 beautiful dogs on Instagram that we love. If we were to do a blog on all the dogs we love, our list would never end!

We'd love to know which doggie influencers are your favorites and which dogs should be Lord Jameson's next taste testers... Make sure to let us know by commenting their names down below, or by tagging us in their photos on Instagram (@LordJameson)!