Lord Jameson Debuts First Functional Line of Soft Dog Treats, Named the Dog Apothecary Collection.

We are proud to announce our first functional soft dog treat collection, named Dog Apothecary.

The Lord Jameson Dog Apothecary Collection is formulated with organic fruits, vegetables, plant-based proteins, as well as herbs and botanicals, including PCR Hemp, Turmeric, and Dandelion to aide in holistic healing.

The collection will launch with three flavors, each designed to support a specific condition. All of the recipes are free of gluten, corn, soy, dairy, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors and GMO ingredients. Each treat is soft and hand rolled in shredded organic coconut.

CHILL’N is formulated to help relieve anxiety and promote overall wellness. Each treat contains 3 mg PCR hemp. Rich notes of chamomile and hemp hearts are layered with hand-selected super-foods including fragrant coconut and roasted peanut butter. Soft and easy to share.

GOLDEN HEALTH is lovingly crafted with the ancient turmeric plant which is known relieve inflammation and support joint health. Hand-selected super-foods including fragrant coconut and flax seeds are layered in to provide a holistic treat experience. It is curated to support inflammation and overall well-being. Soft and easy to share.

DAILY GREENS is Lord Jameson’s version of green juice.  Loaded with antioxidants, Vitamins A & C and important minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium. Dandelion, spinach and ginger are layered in with hand-selected super-foods including fragrant coconut and chia seeds. It is curated to help support stomach and digestive health. Soft and easy to share.

“We are incredibly honored to debut our Dog Apothecary dog treat collection at Global Pet Expo. We are looking to find meaningful retail partners throughout the world to advance our mission. By treating dogs to a holistic and healthy treat experience, and donating proceeds to support service and therapy dog organizations, we seek to serve the unspoken loyalty that dogs devote to humans throughout the world,” says Sarah Schleider Goldberger, Founder of Lord Jameson.


The Dog Apothecary Collection will retail for $12.99 MSRP per 6 oz stand up resealable pouch.

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