Organic Dog Treats for Outdoor Activities and Travelling

Organic Dog Treats for Outdoor Activities and Travelling

Organic Dog Treats for Outdoor Activities and Travelling

Don’t you simply love your outdoor time with your furry friend? It is incredible how we get used to and look forward to our pets' goofy grins and happy feet when we say their favorite words like “walk” or “outside”!

Outdoor activities are not just for fun but necessary for our pet’s physical and mental health and provide them the exercise in the open that we all need.  While outside, we must carry some treats with us, sometimes to train the pups, appreciate them, or give them extra energy for trotting that extra mile.

So, if you often wonder whether to carry outdoor treats with you, this blog is for you. Read on to know why having some treats handy helps when traveling or enjoying outdoor activities!

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Benefits of Organic Dog Treats for Outdoor Activities and Traveling

When you are traveling or enjoying playtime/walking outdoors with your pets, they quickly get tired or overwhelmed. Let us explain:

Pets can quickly outrun their energy levels if the heat is too much or feel overwhelmed if other people or pets are around. 

In both the situations mentioned above, having treats puts your pet and you in a comforting situation. Your pets will receive a delightful treat that will bring them joy, and you can rest assured that they won't be bothered by their surroundings while having the energy to keep going even if they become tired.

So, here are some more reasons why you are at an advantage when you carry organic dog treats for outdoor activities and traveling:

1. Nutritional advantages of organic ingredients

At Lord Jameson, we use organic ingredients without using any preservatives. That means our treats contain seasonal ingredients that are fresh and have the optimum nutritional value. 

Organic dog treats are also free from any unpleasant side effects that non-organic, artificial dog treats have. Our treats are packed with both delicious taste and nutritious goodness, perfect for your incredible furry friends!

2. Promoting digestive health and overall well-being

Treats are small snacks that go between meals and activities. It's important to ensure that they don't cause any discomfort or digestive issues, such as constipation, for your dogs. If your pets have trouble digesting treats or suffer from digestive issues, they may become irritable.

Organic dog treats are made with that mindfulness, promoting overall well-being. And, is there anything better than when your organic dog treats also help digestion? That way, you can indulge in these treats without worrying about any side effects!

3. Supporting the immune system during physical exertion

It is vital for your pets to get the best energy-giving snack when they physically exert themselves, especially outdoors, when they are not in their homes.

Having treats that support and boost a healthy immune system will help them be at their fittest, healthiest, and happiest selves.

If you have a picky eater as your pet, don’t worry. At Lord Jameson, we offer you a range of pawsome flavors that are healthy and tasty! Click here to learn more about our collections!

Outdoor Activities with Your Dog: Why They Matter

Is there a better way to uplift your pet's mood than offer them a walk or play time outdoors?

Unlike us humans, who can venture out as we please, our pets - for their safety, cannot and are dependent on us for these little moments of joys! 

A walk in the neighborhood, a trail hike on weekends, and meeting their other furry friends on these walks help stimulate your pup's senses and keep them socially interactive.

1. Importance of exercise and mental stimulation for dogs 

It's not just us humans that get bored! Our pets also suffer from boredom, which you can see from their changed behavior like grumpiness, stress-eating or refusing to eat, extra scratching, or biting.

They enjoy exploring the world, just like us, and the interactions with the world intrigue their senses, smells, and keep them stimulated mentally. Regular exercise will also keep them motivated, physically healthy, and mentally happy.

2. Benefits of outdoor activities for dogs' physical and mental health

Our pets often get bored, stressed, or anxious, especially if they are alone in the house. Physical activity releases endorphins which make them happy, and it also helps them use their pent-up energy so that they won't chew up your furniture or shoes to use up their energy!

3. Bonding opportunities between dogs and their owners during outdoor activities

You will bond faster when you spend quality time with your pets, doing something that both of you enjoy. Understanding each other becomes easier, and as you will know what your pets like and enjoy the most, your pets will also have a better understanding of your boundaries. 

When you successfully teach them something, it's a great opportunity to reward them with a delicious healthy treat that they'll enjoy. Eventually, they will know what to do and avoid even without the treats. 

4. How outdoor activities can reduce behavioral issues in dogs

If your pup is acting frustrated, chewing more, digging excessively, or scratching a lot, they may be more stressed than you realized.

Behavioral complications in dogs are common, especially if your furry friend is more sensitive. Still, with regular exercise and exposure to nature, other people, and other animals, you will be able to change the behavioral issue and enjoy stability with your pup.

Tips for Incorporating Organic Dog Treats into Outdoor Activities and Traveling

It is natural to feel a little nervous, especially if you are a new pet parent, to try something new. If you haven’t tried taking some treats with you when you are enjoying outdoor activities or traveling with your pets, you should try it.

You will see the difference, especially if you face challenges regarding their behavior outside.

1. Effectively incorporate organic treats into outdoor activities and traveling routines.

You can slowly start incorporating organic treats into your outdoor activities and traveling routines for multiple reasons: 

  • To train them effectively and positively.
  • To reward them for more positive reinforcement. 
  • To keep their energy levels from going down.Importance of portion control and timing for treat distribution

2. Importance of portion control and timing for treat distribution

During the training sessions, just make sure you are not overfeeding them. You can break our soft treats into parts for training so your dogs stay healthy.

Treats are not a substitute for a healthy meal. When you plan your pets’ meals, make sure you count the treats in the daily food intake to avoid health problems like obesity.

Make sure your dogs, however cute they are, are not commanding you to give them treats when they want and decide a time to share general treats. Although it seems harsh, this will help you both understand healthy boundaries and avoid behavioral complications in the future. 

The Importance of Nutrition on Outdoor Adventures

When your dogs are panting, avoid giving them any water or food. Once they are back to normal, give them access to clean drinking water and have some organic dog treats ready to replenish their energy levels and keep them hydrated.

This helps with:

  • Ensuring your dog's nutritional needs are met
  • Providing energy and stamina for activities
  • Enhancing overall health and well-being

Want to know what type of treats you can offer your pawsome pup? Read on!

Top Organic Dog Treats for Outdoor Activities and Traveling

At Lord Jameson, we provide love for your pets in every bite! All breeds of all sizes and personalities will find something they adore with us. 

With that, you can rest assured we provide you with the most thoughtfully crafted balls of goodness that are good for your dog's teeth, hair, and overall wellness.

Full of flavor, fresh ingredients, and high-value nutrition, our dog treats are also USDA Organic certified, gluten-free certified, plant-based, and allergy friendly. Here is a list of our treats!

You can choose different treats for:

  • Daily use,
  • Wellness based,
  • Small breeds,
  • Large breeds, and
  • Festive/Specials

Here’s a list of treats to choose from and to know more about any particular treat, simply click on it!

Everyday Collection

Wellness Collection

Small Breed Collection

Large Breed Collection

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