Processed Dog Treats VS. Natural Dog Treats

Processed Dog Treats vs. Natural Dog Treats

Processed Dog Treats vs. Natural Dog Treats

Part of your job as an amazing dog pawrent is that you must ensure that your four-legged friend lives a joyful and prolonged life! One of the most crucial parts is choosing the right dog treats that provide the energy to walk and play. Knowing what your dog is eating is extremely important and here at Lord Jameson, we always recommend treats that are made with all-natural, organic ingredients (like ours)!

Choosing dog treats is one of the more difficult things owners often face. A good, healthy treat should be beneficial for your pet's health and always be a treat that goes easy on their stomach. Owners need to be aware that many dog treats contain unhealthy ingredients. Processed dog treats get packaged as healthy but are they actually "healthy"? Put it this way, you should be able to pronounce the ingredients that are in your dog's treats!

In this blog, we're going to help you uncover the realities of processed dog treats. Not only that, but we will discuss how / why healthy natural dog treats are better for your furry friend. So, without further ado here is the difference between processed dog treats vs. natural dog treats!

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What are Processed Dog Treats & Why to Stay Away from Them

To put it simply, think of processed dog treats as a dog's version of junk food. Processed dog treats contain artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Due to all the artificial ingredients, these types of treats are unhealthy for your dog. Alongside the artificial ingredients, processed food also contain high amounts of sugar - which is probably why your dog loves them so much. All of this can lead to weight gain, stomach issues, and further health problems down the road. Us humans love our sugary snacks / junk food - it's hard not to! But, when you think of the effects that excessive sugar has on your health, it's not worth it.

Why Choose Natural Dog Treats?

Here at Lord Jameson, we believe that a nutritious, healthy diet is the key to happy dogs! That's why our all-natural treats are made with only high quality ingredients... (We'll get more into this later!) We did a full blog on the benefits of natural dog treats - which you can find by clicking here. However, to briefly go over why natural dog treats are better for your dog, keep on reading!

With natural ingredients, your dog can digest their food easier! The ingredients in natural food can help ease your dog's digestive process to allow more nutrients from each bite to go towards necessary bodily needs rather than just be stored as fat. Natural ingredients tend to also have much more omega-3 fatty acids. These are important for the health of your dog's brain as they help with mood, behavior and cognitive function.

There are so many benefits to feeding your dog treats that are only made with all-natural ingredients! Natural dog treats reduce plaque and tartar buildup and some studies have shown that these types of treats help to defend your dog's body against infections. (Learn more about this study in the blog we previously mentioned).

Conclusion of Processed Dog Treats vs. Natural Dog Treats

Having a picky dog with their food or treats can definitely be frustrating at times. But as pet owners, it's important to understand and remember that it's your role to ensure that our dogs get the best quality of life possible. The consequences of not doing so could be poor health and behavioral issues - like excessive chewing or vomiting.

One way to avoid this is to choose high-quality ingredient for your dog's food and treats! As we briefly mentioned earlier, we highly recommend our organic dog treats at Lord Jameson! Our all-natural dog treats come in a variety of delicious flavors that include ingredients like sweet potatoes, peanut butter, blueberries, juicy apples, and more. For the full list of our flavors and ingredients, please visit our website! These gourmet treats will ignite your furry friend's taste buds while providing them with the necessary nutrients! You can never go wrong with organic dog treats as they're healthy for your best friend.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and hopefully, you were able to learn more about why natural dog treats are better than processed dog treats. If you have any further questions, then please feel free to send us a message on Instagram @LordJameson! We'll do our best to answer it for you.

We hope you and your dog find treats that they love! (Don't forget - a good one to start with is one of our delicious treats!) Thank you so much for reading our blog on the differences between processed dog treats vs. natural dog treats! We hope you and your furry friend have an amazing week!