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The Best Organic Dog Treats for Dogs

The Best Organic Dog Treats for Dogs

Are you a pet parent looking to treat your fur baby to the healthiest and tastiest dog treats?

If you haven't already, you can consider organic dog treats for your pet. Organic dog treats are made from natural ingredients without artificial additives, providing a healthier option for your furry friend. These wholesome snacks prioritize your dog's well-being, offering a delicious and nutritious reward for good behavior or simply showing some love.

Lord Jameson welcomes you to a world of wholesome goodness for your furry friend! Our organic dog treats are a delicious blend of natural ingredients crafted with your pet's well-being in mind. Our treats are flavorful and free from artificial additives, offering a tasty and nutritious way to show your love. Treat your dog to the pure goodness of organic ingredients – because they deserve the best!

Our treats are made with love and premium natural ingredients. They are delicious and offer a healthy choice for your four-legged friend. It's the perfect way to show them extra love and keep their tails wagging. Because don't happy dogs deserve treats as pure as their hearts?!

Are There Toxic Ingredients in Your Dogs’ Treats?

How often do we read the ingredients, understand the composition, and knowingly make an informed decision about getting our pets' treats?

Especially when we have so many products lined up in flashy packages and the cutest puppies and dogs on their cover?

We highlight the importance of knowing your products and ingredients before your pets consume them! Just like us humans, our pets' health, overall well-being, and quality of life depend on what they consume.

Do you know some dog treats may contain toxic ingredients harmful to your pet? Common harmful substances include artificial sweeteners like xylitol, high levels of sodium, certain spices like onion and garlic, and preservatives such as BHA and BHT. 

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Organic dog treats are the best choice as they are made from natural, wholesome ingredients without harmful chemicals. Organic treats often prioritize the health and well-being of your dog, offering a safer and more nutritious alternative to traditional treats that may pose potential risks. 

Consulting with your veterinarian can help you make informed decisions about the safety of specific treats for your dog.

Why are Organic Dog Treats a Better Choice?

Here's why organic dog treats are the better choice:

✔ Wholesome Ingredients: Organic treats are made from natural, high-quality ingredients, avoiding artificial additives, preservatives, and fillers commonly found in conventional treats.

✔ Nutritional Value: Organic treats offer a higher nutritional value, containing essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that contribute to your dog's overall well-being.

✔ Reduced Allergens: Organic treats are less likely to contain common allergens and irritants, making them safer for dogs with sensitivities or allergies.

✔ No Harmful Chemicals: Organic treats are produced without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, reducing the risk of exposing your dog to potentially harmful chemicals.

✔ Support for Sustainable Practices: Choosing organic promotes environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices, contributing to your pet's well-being and the planet.

✔ Digestibility: Dogs often find organic treats more digestible, reducing the likelihood of gastrointestinal issues and ensuring a positive snacking experience.

✔ Healthier Lifestyle: Organic treats align with a holistic approach to your dog's health, emphasizing a balanced and natural diet that supports overall vitality.

Organic dog treats provide a healthier and safer option, allowing you to indulge your furry friends with treats that contribute positively to their health and happiness.
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What Should I Consider When Buying Organic Dog Treats?

✔ USDA Organic Seal

Look for the USDA organic seal to ensure the authenticity of organic dog treats.

✔ Ingredient Quality
Prioritize ingredient quality, choosing treats with natural, high-grade components.

✔ Nutritional Value

Assess the nutritional value of the treats, seeking options rich in essential nutrients.

✔ Transparency
Opt for treats with transparency in labeling, providing clear information about ingredients and sourcing.

✔ Preservatives

Avoid treats with artificial preservatives, opting for those with natural preservation methods.

✔ Toxic Ingredients
Check for toxic ingredients and steer clear of treats containing harmful substances.

✔ Flavor and Texture
Consider the flavor and texture that your pupper enjoys to make the treat appealing.

 Caloric content
Be mindful of caloric content, especially if your dog has specific dietary requirements or weight concerns.


You can support a sustainable lifestyle by choosing treats that align with eco-friendly and ethical practices.

 Price & value

Evaluate the price and value of the treats, ensuring they fit within your budget while still meeting quality standards.

Want to know some awesome organic, healthy and absolutely delicious options for your pawsome friend? Read on!

Best Organic Dog Treats

We don't eat the same snacks every day, and just like we like to have tasty but healthy options to munch on, so should our dogs! At Lord Jameson, we offer a whole rainbow of thoughtfully and lovingly curated collections of treats for you and yours!

Xoxo, With Love

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Celebrate this Valentine's Day with lots of love for your furry friend!

With our- Coconut Kisses, Sweet Beat Love Puffs, Wild Berri Puffs, Very Berry, Berry Best and Coco Crush Treats, you get only wagging tails and goofy kisses!

Delightful Love Puffs

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Are you worried about that extra sugar and carbs in your pup's treats? Then our Love Puffs are the perfect choice for you!

Say "Yes" to your pet's favorite treats with our- Wild Berri, Sweet Beat, Go Nanas, Party Time and Crispy Orchard!

Bundles Of Joy

Everyday Collection Bundles Treat | Lord Jameson

Not sure which Lord Jameson flavor to choose? You can choose from one of our curated bundles! Each one is thoughtfully designed to offer your dog a variety of flavors and experiences.

Our soft & chewy organic dog treats bundles offer a medley of flavor combinations elevating your dogs' senses.

The Daily Dose Of Happiness

Golden Health, Daily Greens and Everyday Calm organic dog treats | Lord Jameson

What could be a more fitting gesture to appreciate dogs for their boundless love than by offering them wholesome, tasty, and organic treats everyday?

Enjoy our- Celebration Bash, Apple Pops, Watermelon Pops, Blue Bliss, Carrot Pops, Coco Crush, Savory Sweet, Berry Best, Banana Pops, Mango Pops, Celebration SuperFetti and you can even get them all in Everyday Collection Bundles!

Feel Good!

Golden Health, Daily Greens and Everyday Calm organic dog treats | Lord Jameson

Our Wellness Collection comprises soft, functional dog treats expertly crafted with organic herbs and botanicals designed to support holistic healing for your furry companion.

We hope you and your dog find relief and comfort with our- Golden Health, Daily Greens and Everyday Calm organic dog treats!

Shop All Collections

We have a variety of collections for your small/large breeds of different personalities and health requirements. Our selections are great for picky eaters, all breeds and life stages.

Check out all our USDA Certified Organic Dog Treats here! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Organic Dog Treats

1. Are organic dog treats healthier than regular treats?

Yes, organic dog treats are generally considered more beneficial than regular treats because they use natural, high-quality ingredients and avoid artificial additives.

2. How can I verify if a dog treat is genuinely organic?

Verify the authenticity of an organic dog treat by checking for the USDA organic seal on the packaging, ensuring it meets rigorous organic certification standards.

3. Are organic treats environmentally friendlier?

Organic dog treats are generally considered more environmentally friendly as they are produced using sustainable farming practices without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

4. What are the safest treats for dogs? 

The safest treats for dogs are those made from high-quality, natural ingredients, free from artificial additives and tailored to individual dietary needs.

Find the perfect organic treats for your dog!