The Importance of Clean Eating for Humans and Dogs

The Importance of Clean Eating for Humans and Dogs

The Importance of Clean Eating for Humans and Dogs

The Importance of Clean Eating for Humans and Dogs

Whether you're sticking to a New Year’s resolution, or just want to change for the better, it's never too late to turn your life around (Especially in terms of health)! You may want to extend your plans for the rest of your loved ones, and of course, your pets as well. The importance of everyone’s health cannot be stressed enough. It is a means for you to live a better and happy life... Who wouldn’t want that, right? Well, the same goes for your furry friends! As dog lovers, we only want the best for our dogs. They're our whole world! By eating clean, both you and your dog will feel amazing, look amazing, and continue to stay healthy!

By definition, most people assume that eating clean involves consuming more greens and less junk food. While this is true, there’s so much more to clean eating - not just for you, but for your dog. Clean eating is one of the most common diet philosophies that is practiced all around the world. It's not categorized as a fad diet since clean eating is a lifestyle. Its principle is easy to understand - it's as simple as eating whole foods with natural ingredients (like our organic dog treats)! Just look how delicious the ingredients are in the below image.

Avoiding highly-processed food is also advised since these types of foods lack nutrients, have unhealthy chemicals, and tons of added sugars. While it's more convenient to buy a ready-to-eat pizza or grab some fast food, it's definitely not convenient for your health and wellness! To further entice you, health benefits such as weight loss, better skin, and higher energy levels have been linked to clean eating. It's really a win-win for you and your body!

How to Incorporate Healthy Eating for Dogs

It's super easy to incorporate healthy food into your dog's diet! Dogs and humans have different nutritional requirements to live healthily, so make sure to keep this in mind. You might be wondering, “What is a clean diet for dogs?” Simply put, a clean diet for dogs is cooking or feeding them whole foods without any artificial additives. (Make sure to check that what you feed your dog is able to meet their nutritional needs to create healthy eating habits)!

To help you start off 2021 with a healthier lifestyle, here are some tips for a clean diet for dogs and their owners.

Tips for Healthy Eating Habits for Dogs and Owners

Tip #1: More fruits and vegetables

Dog eating healthy fruit and vegetables

Some people may not enjoy vegetables, however, we can all agree that fruits taste beyond delicious! Consuming plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables has been proven to promote long life and improve well-being. To prepare the best clean food for dogs, mixing boiled or baked meats and fresh vegetables with high-quality pet food will go a long way for their health. Now, you can freely prepare home-cooked meals as clean food for dogs but do so with caution because there are some fruits and vegetables that should not be consumed by dogs. It is important for owners to know such food restrictions to implement a clean food diet for dogs properly. Ingesting toxic food may cause complications, so always make sure that the fruits you're feeding your dog are safe for them to eat!

Tip 2: Always stay hydrated

Dog drinking water to stay hydrated

Dehydration will cause a lot of inefficiency for both humans and dogs! Not having enough water can cause nasty headaches, constipation, and lethargy. The same symptoms are also evident in dogs. Dehydration can also cause your dog to continuously pant and have a dry nose. Drinking water has countless health benefits for all types of beings... It can flush out toxins, promote blood flow, and even boost immunity. In hot temperatures, dogs need water to cool their body down and maintain their normal body temperature. This is especially important to know when it’s hot outside and your dog is excessively panting! With that being said, water bowls should always be present to encourage your dog to drink more water. For humans, it is best to carry a bottle of water everywhere you go so you won’t forget to drink water!

Tip 3: Use beans in dishes

If you’re thinking, “what should my dog's diet consist of?” then definitely note that beans should be included in their diet! Who says dogs can’t have beans, too?! Thankfully, beans are great for humans and dogs. Beans are high in fiber and are packed with tons of protein! Adding beans in home-cooked meals like soups, noodle dishes and salads are amazing ways to increase your protein intake. There are different varieties of beans that are delicious and safe for your dogs to eat - for example, black beans, lima beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, navy beans, edamame, and soybeans to name some of them. Take note that beans should not be a substitute for meat as meat tends to be where dogs get their main source of protein. (According to Purina, beans should not be more than 10 percent of your dog’s calorie intake.)

Tip 4: Experiment with healthy food each week

Experimenting with healthy food can be both delicious and fun! There are countless healthy food options available in your local grocery stores! Just quick research online and some grocery shopping once a week will set a routine that motivates you to be consistently healthy. Planning your and your dog's meals in advance can be super helpful, so keep that in mind! Don’t forget to research "what is a good natural diet for dogs" while you're at it! You'll find tons of different suggestions from various experts.

Dog eating healthy dog treats

Tip 5: Always have healthy snacks and treats available

Healthy food doesn’t always have to taste “green". Some great examples of healthy snacks for both you and your dog are apple slices, baby carrots, and sweet potatoes (which you can find in our organic dog treats). You can even spread a little bit of peanut butter on the slices and call it the best healthy eating dog treats!

Aside from healthy dog treats you can whip up in your kitchen, a plethora of healthy treats for dogs are readily available for you to choose from. We recommend natural and organic dog treats that have limited ingredients, so you can closely monitor what is being ingested by your dog.

Here at Lord Jameson, we pride ourselves on creating delicious treats for your dog (and you - yes, you can eat them, too!) using 100% organic ingredients with nutritional benefits. We have tons of yummy flavors filled with ingredients such as strawberries, peanut butter, blueberries, coconuts, and more!

P.s. When we say completely natural, we mean it. Our treats have no preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or GMO ingredients.

Sarah and Jameson eating Lord Jameson healthy dog treats

Conclusion of Clean Eating for Dogs and Their Owners

It's never too late to start living a healthier life! You and your dog will feel so much better overall! Making sure that your whole family is in good physical condition must be a priority and these tips will help create a starting point in your journey to wellness. Clean eating is not just for humans but the principle must be applied to your adorable pooches as well. Buying whatever pet food is in the market is not enough... Take into consideration that some ingredients can do more harm than good for dogs. It's best to look for the best and healthiest dog treats with limited ingredients to ensure that the ingredients are safe and made of natural ingredients.

Hopefully, we were able to give you some more insight on how you and your dog can eat more healthy! Thank you so much for reading and happy eating!