The Science Behind Organic Dog Treats: What Makes Them Special

The Science Behind Organic Dog Treats: What Makes Them Special

The Science Behind Organic Dog Treats: What Makes Them Special

Have you noticed a growing popularity for organic dog treats as pet parents are becoming aware of the importance and difference the quality of the food and freshness is making to the furry friends' wellness and health?

Just like us humans, our pets enjoy fresh ingredients over synthetic, genetically modified and rather stale and full of preservative foods and treats.

The science behind organic dog treats revolves around multiple factors contributing to our pets' overall health and wellness. If you are a new pet parent or new to organic dog treats and are here to know the buzz around organic treats, you are at the right place.

At Lord Jameson, we prioritize your pet's health and wellness. Be it any breed of any size or age, we thoughtfully and lovingly create mouth-watering and organic dog treats, and today, we are here to tell you about the science behind organic dog treats and what makes them special!

Understanding Organic Dog Treats

Suppose you are wondering what is unique about organic dog treats. In that case, the use of premium, pesticide-free ingredients and the emphasis on sustainable farming practices ensure a healthy and more environmentally conscious treat for your pet.

The commitment to using ingredients grown without synthetic pesticides or GMOs and preservatives implies using natural, fresh and wholesome ingredients that result in a high-quality life. The absence of harmful chemicals contributes to your companion's happy and fulfilling life.

Now, let’s look at the science behind these organic ingredients.

The Science Behind Organic Ingredients

The scientific aspect of organic ingredients in dog treats shows us how natural ingredients and carefully designed processes contribute to canine health. 

Organic treats that exclude synthetic ingredients, pesticides and GMOs positively impact the nutritional composition of the ingredients.

These organically grown groups have higher levels of nutrients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. All these help play a crucial role in supporting a dog's immune system, promoting a healthy coat due to better health and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

The absence of synthetic chemicals also reduces the likelihood of allergens and toxins that adversely affect our pets' digestive and immune systems.

These techniques improve soil structure, water retention and microbial diversity, promoting healthy and supple soil. By avoiding synthetic chemicals, organic farming safeguards the delicate balance of ecosystems, preventing the negative impact of chemical runoff on nearby water sources. The absence of genetically modified organisms in organic agriculture helps maintain genetic diversity in plants and animal species. 

Organic farming plays a huge role in preserving soil quality, biodiversity and overall ecosystem health. Organic farming methods prioritize using natural fertilizers, crop rotation and cover cropping.

Organic farming practices offer a holistic approach that interconnects and harmonizes the broader ecosystem. Consuming organic ingredients has a higher nutrient content and a lower pesticide residue. Organic produce contains higher concentrations of certain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, providing you with a nutritionally higher food option.

This is particularly significant when it comes to potential health effects of pesticide exposure. Choosing organic ingredients aligns with environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture and offers you a more nutrient-rich, pesticide free diet for your pets.

Nutritional Benefits of Organic Dog Treats

Protein-rich ingredients

Organic dog treats rich in protein offer distinct nutritional benefits for our canine companions. Organic farming contributes to producing high-quality protein sources, which aid in muscle development, immune function and overall vitality in dogs.

They also often contain a healthier balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, promoting a shinier coat, healthier skin and the potential to reduce inflammation.

Muscle development

Organic treats feature high-quality ingredients, ensuring a cleaner and more nutrient-dense treat for your pet. Organic meats and grains contain the right amount of proteins, amino acids and healthy fats that support muscle development.

Organic dog treats not only promote your pets' muscular health but also provide a wholesome and nourishing snack that aligns with a natural approach to pet nutrition.

Healthy skin and coat

Organic meats and fats are rich in essential nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins and play a crucial role in maintaining your pets' skin health by reducing inflammation and promoting a shiny coat naturally.

Organic treats are also formulated without artificial additives, colors or preservatives that many times trigger skin sensitivities or allergies in dogs. Providing your pawsomes with organic dog treats means offering natural and nutritious snacks that positively influences their appearance along with internal health.

Energy source

Organic dog treats provide a wholesome energy source for our canine companions. With the freedom from toxic chemicals, you are reducing the risk or potential harmful effects associated with these substances. 

High-quality nutrients support your pets' overall health, muscle development and energy levels. The presence of healthy fats promotes shiny coats and supports cognitive function and these dog treats are a nutritious and flavorful energy source.

What to Look for in Dog Treats

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed or unsure of how you should choose your organic dog treats, here are some points you can consider to ensure you are investing in the best products for your little friend's health and wellbeing-

Organic ingredients

Consider treats made with organic ingredients to minimize the exposure to harmful and toxic synthetic materials - that way you can get treats that will promote overall health.


Opt for treats that offer high-quality proteins as they are important for your pet's muscle development and well-being.

Made in the USA

When you choose treats manufactured in the USA, you are ensuring adherence to top-quality and safety standards.

Along with USA manufactured goods, Lord Jameson also prepares organic treats locally and in small batches to ensure fresh ingredients with a high nutritional value.

Texture & flavor

Just like us humans, our furry friends have specific likes, dislikes and preferences in terms of texture and flavors. Consider introducing new organic treats to your pets very gently and slowly. 


It is possible that your pet has some sensitivity or allergies to certain ingredients. If you have any doubts regarding this, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

If you are aware of their allergies, check the treat's ingredient list so you can eliminate treats with potential allergens.

Product recalls

Consider going through the manufacturer's website to stay informed regarding the safety and concerns you may have with the treats you choose.

We offer USDA Organic Certified, gluten free certified, plant-based, allergy-friendly, soft and utterly delicious treats for your furry friends. Click here to know more about us, our collections and our stores!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the healthiest treat for a dog?

Organic treats that are made from top-quality organic ingredients, that are rich in proteins and meet your dog's specific dietary needs and preferences are the healthiest treats for your dog. 

Even though you may have healthy treats, balancing their calorie intake and having regular healthy play-time and exercise will keep your pets physically healthy and mentally happy.

What foods are poisonous to dogs?

Chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, alcohol, caffeine, certain artificial sweeteners, and foods containing xylitol are poisonous to dogs.

How many treats can I give my dog?

The appropriate quantity of treats for your dog varies based on factors like size, weight, and diet, but it's generally advised to restrict treats to less than 10% of their daily calorie intake.

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