Walk With Dog, Dog Workout Partner

We Believe Dogs Are The Best Workout Companion.

We Believe Dogs Are The Best Workout Companion.

We believe the best gym buddy has four paws and here is why.

They Are The Best Motivators  | A Win Win

Research conducted by Purdue University conducted a study on the duration of the average walks per week. They found that participant's were more concerned about their dog's well-being and extended the length of their walk to benefit their pooch, which in turn benefited them. “When we were surveying why they increased their walking, most of them reported that it was for their dog’s benefit, instead of focusing on the health benefits they were getting themselves for increasing their activity,” states head researcher Elizabeth Richards.

They Never Complain

Since most dogs are born to please, they will walk to your hearts desire. Studies prove that seeing their tails wag will keep you moving.

Time Flies Quickly

There is never a minute spent with your dog that is not enjoyable and wonderful. Dogs have the power to transport our emotions and energy to a state of bliss. Walking alone can not only be lonely, but the time tends to drag. Walking with your dog provides excitement, happiness and a trick for passing time quickly. So keep walking!

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