Wholesale Organic Dog Treats: Great Deals on Quality Products | Lord Jameson

Wholesale Organic Dog Treats: Great Deals on Quality Products | Lord Jameson

Wholesale Organic Dog Treats: Great Deals on Quality Products | Lord Jameson

Wholesale Organic Dog Treats: Great Deals on Quality Products

Do you have one or more dogs as pets that you absolutely adore? Or are you here because you have a wholesale business that deals with dog products, and you are looking for organic, natural and healthy products?

If so, you are in the right place! We all know the feeling of wanting to share tasty treats with our furry friends and making them happy while maintaining their health. At Lord Jameson, we believe in  providing the best organic, healthy and preservative-free wholesale treats for your pets. While being delightful and tasty, they are also healthy. So, we are here to tell you all about wholesale organic dog treats, and how you can grow your business! 

If you are looking for wholesale organic dog treats, and want to know where you can find great deals on quality products that will only help your dog’s health, keep reading!

Why Choose Wholesale Organic Dog Treats

Just like we like to treat ourselves with different foods, our furry friends love their treats. You may want to spice up your dog's snack, and wholesale organic dog treats may just be the answer to your wishes! 

Organic dog treats are more than just a trend. They are a lifestyle. When the natural dog treats are healthy, delicious and made with high quality ingredients, getting multiple treats at a wholesale rate to have a variety for your customer base makes perfect sense. When you choose treats that are organic, you are providing your pets with tasty snacks that are healthy and environmentally conscious. By avoiding harsh chemicals, it is a safer option for your pets and for our planet. And if you and your customers are able to celebrate special days with your dogs by giving them flavourful treats, that is simply pawsome!

Popular Organic Dog Treats to Sell in Your Store

If you are a pet store owner looking to expand your selection of dog treats, you can consider getting organic treats on wholesale. With Lord Jameson's products, you can rest assured your customers will see their furry friends with wagging tails and happy smiles. Let us share our Wholesale Holiday Collection, and you will not be let down!



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Gingerbread Dog Treats

Our Gingerbread Dog Treats are as scrumptious as they can get! With organic ingredients like oats, molasses, dates, peanut butter, coconut, cinnamon, ginger, beet and spinach, you can rest assured they are as healthy and tasty as your Christmas meal! Now you can share the goodness of gingerbread with your pet, without harming their healthy diet!

Hanukkah Gelt

What if we told you you could also celebrate Hanukkah with your pets? With organic oats, brown rice syrup, dates, apple, peanut butter, coconut, cinnamon and ginger, you can see the explosion of festive taste and healthy ingredients! These small balls of soft goodness is just what your furry friend needs!

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Pumpkin Spice

Here's another amazing option for your pets!  Pumpkin Spice is perfect not just for Halloween, but for every special occasion! Made with organic oats, brown rice syrup, dates, coconut cream, peanut butter, pumpkin, cinnamon and ginger, your pup is sure to give you loads of sloppy smiles after this treat!


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We offer a wide range of soft treats, right from everyday treats, ones for wellness, some based on small and large breeds, but all are meant for a great time!

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Considerations When Choosing a Wholesale Organic Dog Treat

Don’t we all know the feeling of looking at those puppy eyes that want more treats?

While we want to show affection and share more treats, more is not always good for our furry friends. That is where natural and organic treats come into the picture, they are a great way of celebrating with your pet, and a healthy way that is tasty. If you are wondering how you can decide which products you want to have in wholesale quantity, here are some points you can consider-

Choose treats that help maintain good dental health

There are so many treats available in the market, it is easy to get confused. But with soft treats that are gentle on your dog's teeth, you are helping them maintain dental health.


Wholesome Nutrition

Including wholesome ingredients with nutritional value, like real fruits, real vegetables, healthy and natural sources of vitamins, fibers and proteins, your pet will stay stronger and healthier than otherwise. Consider these for their higher immunity.


Maintaining Healthy Weight

By offering your dogs treats that are filling and tasty, you are helping them maintain healthy weight. It is easy to get caught in their puppy eyes, and before you know it, obesity becomes an issue for your furry friend. Organic healthy dog treats tend to have higher nutritional value and fewer calories. Finding high quality dog treats which are natural and organic is easy with Lord Jameson. Don't get overwhelmed by the choices, just go for whichever you think dogs will like the most, they are all organic, preservative-free and nutritious!

Tips on how to Grow Your Business Selling Wholesale Organic Dog Treats

Whether you already have a business, or are starting one which sells wholesale organic dog treats, it is a great opportunity. You are contributing to pets' better health and well-being!

Like any other business, it requires hard work and friendly strategies to succeed. Here are some tips that may help you start great-

  • Have high quality products.

  • Offer organic products that have safe and healthy ingredients. 

  • Have a variety of products that offer multiple flavors and come in different sizes based on their breed size.

  • Consider having treats that are visually appealing and properly labeled with important information.

  • Last but not the least, build healthy relationships with your customers and distributors.

Get to know the benefits of your products, and share that information for the better health of pets around us. 

Unfortunately, we can see pets that are facing health issues like allergic reactions to artificial products, dental problems, obesity, bone and muscle loss due to poor nutrition, and even serious diseases like cancer due to cancer causing agents in dog products.

Consider sharing information with pet-parents about the importance of organic products, respond to their questions, have an online presence, and with your passion for dogs, you can have an established business that impacts the world positively. If you have a business of selling wholesale organic dog treats, you should know one thing about Lord Jameson- Our products speak for themselves! 

Once your customers see how great our treats are for their pets, they will love the treats! 

If you are a retail store looking to carry our line, please contact us at sales@lordjameson.com to set up an account or complete a profile in our Wholesale section.