Keep your dog happy, engaged, and entertained while staying home

We've worked with our friends at School for The Dogs in NYC to compile their favorite training resources

House Training

For anyone who has a puppy or new dog in their home, house training is almost always a number one priority. Most of the time, this means teaching a dog to pee and poop outside, and to not do it inside. This can be done painlessly and simply with some smart management tools and a bit of thoughtful attention.
Note: If you want to teach your dog to go inside in a specific area, or in your yard, you can still use the same instructions, just bring your dog to whatever your chosen “go” spot is rather than to the street.

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“Work To Eat” toys: Slow Food Bowls

Every time you feed a dog, you have the opportunity to channel some of her energy into an appropriate activity, to tire her out, and to give her a sense of purpose. "Work To Eat" toys provide dogs with jobs, and dogs like to be employed! If we don't give them jobs, they too often make up their own jobs, alerting you to every sound in the hallway, or redesigning the couch cushions with their mouths.

Keep Your Pup Happy and Engaged While Staying Home

Your furry friend is ecstatic to have you home by their side all day, but we know you might also need to work. Here are a few simple activities to keep your pup happy and engaged during this time.

  • Slow Food Bowls: Slow food bowls are a great way to keep your dog occupied during mealtime, check out the podcast above to learn more about it
  • Scavenger Hunt : Hide your dog's favorite treat somewhere in the house for them to find, they'll get some exercise, and have to spend time hunting around the house using their nose to find it
  • Puzzle Toys: Interactive puzzle toys are fantastic for dogs, they will keep your dog busy and stimulate their brains.

More Training Resources

Our friends at School for The Dogs are offering free webinars to educate dog owners and keep dogs happy during this time. You can also schedule a 30 minute 1 on 1 video training session with one of their experts.

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