10 Spring Activities To Do With Your Dog

10 Spring Activities To Do With Your Dog

10 Spring Activities To Do With Your Dog

Top 10 Spring Activities To Do With Your Dog

Spring has come! Spring is one of our favorite seasons. The weather is beautiful, the flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and it preps us for summer! Thanks to the warmer weather, our dogs love this season, too. It's important to note that warmer weather acts as a reminder of certain seasonal problems for our canine friends, such as allergies and ticks! As a pet parent (or pawrent as we say), you should ready your pet for spring by making sure they are safe all while having fun.

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Here's a short checklist to help your pet make the most of the warmer weather:

Keep them groomed: As the weather gets warmer, there is a lot more shedding! Our four-legged companions shed their winter coats in favor of sleeker, thinner attire. This means a lot of fur will be floating around in the house! Bathing and grooming your pet often will help to keep your house clean and your pet comfortable and happy. 

Use heartworm, flea, and tick preventative: Ticks and fleas are on the prowl in the spring. Since certain bloodsuckers can bear dangerous parasites, dog owners must remain cautious. It's better to be safe than sorry! Although it's a smart thing to keep your four-legged buddies on preventative drugs all year, tick and flea prevention is particularly necessary for warmer weather. 

Get rid of the weekend-warrior syndrome: Every spring, the first warm weekend arrives, and people feel they need to make up for four months of less activity. They plan to walk five miles, climb up their beloved mountain trail, or enjoy an intense game of catch or frisbee with themselves and their dogs. Take things slow rather than doing all spring activities at once. Build up your strength and endurance gradually, and remember that your dog will take time to adjust as well.

Now that we've discussed some of the ways to prep your dog for this warmer weather, let's discuss some fun activities that you two can do together!

10 Activities to Do With Your Dog

1. Schedule a doggie play date

Just like humans, dogs should also socialize and make friends! Intend to catch up with other dog owners at a dog-friendly park or at each other's homes. Dogs like playing with one another, and being with other dogs is good for their health - both physically and mentally. If you have a fenced-in yard, you might even throw a Paw Party with your friends and their pets! Prepare lots of snacks and games (such as DIY agility obstacles), as well as monitored opportunities for your furry companions to rest and socialize together!

2. Make walking a part of your daily routine

Whether you go for a 10-minute walk or an hour-long walk, your dog will appreciate the extra exercise and time spent with you. Getting fresh air does wonders for your health, so it's important to make walking a part of you and your dog's daily routine.

Always remember your pet's ability to exercise... Small dogs tend to tire quicker, so keep an eye out for signs of fatigue such as heavy panting, slowing or halting speed, and limping. (If you have a little Dachshund, it may not be a wise idea to hike up a huge mountain!) A walk in your local park is perfect!

3. Go camping

Who said you have to leave your dog in a kennel while you go on vacation? Why not bring them with you on a little adventure? Camping trips can be enjoyable for dogs of all sizes! They allow you to spend quality time exploring and you don't have to rough it (pun intended) in a tent to have a nice time. Look for dog-friendly cabins in nearby parks or beaches! Your dog will love to go on this type of trip with you and you'll be able to make life-long memories together.

4. Jog together

A long sprint is a perfect way to drain an enthusiastic puppy. Some dogs are more suited to longer distances than others, so remember your pup's fitness and the outdoor weather. If you have a true runner on your hands — that is, a dog who is prone to bolting — it is critical to invest in a running leash. See if you can consistently beat your previous time if this becomes a regular activity for you both!

5. Off-leash adventures

Walks and jogs are great, however, to do these, most dogs will need to stay on their leashes for safety reasons. If you're looking for a place where your dog can run free, look into off-leash dog parks or trails in your area. Bring some tennis balls, a frisbee, or any other toy that your dog will enjoy chasing!

6. Teach your dog a new trick

Dogs of all ages enjoy learning new things, so set a challenge for them by teaching them amazing new ways to entertain you (and your friends). Access YouTube, gather some treats, and begin practicing some new tricks! This helps to train your dog more, keep them excited, and help them to learn something new. Your dog's antics will be the topic of conversation at your next house party!

7. Take a trip to a pet-friendly hotel

Not all hotels ban dogs... Some of the most exciting lodgings in the United States allow dogs to accompany you as guests! Plan a mini-vacation for the two of you if your dog travels well. This gives your dog the opportunity to explore completely new areas and it gives you some time away to relax. Websites like Airbnb have tons of awesome accommodations that you and your dog can stay at!

8. Go on a hike

Now that the weather is warmer, consider taking your dog on a hiking trail! Hikes are a great form of exercise for your and your dog. The view at the top makes the long journey worth it and again, this is where you can get some awesome photos of your dog! If you're keeping your dog off-leash, make sure they don't go too far ahead. Depending on your location, some hike trails may have bears or poisonous plants along the way, so it's important to keep your dog close.

9. Have a doggie photoshoot

There's no such thing as too many pictures of dogs... So, remember this motto and start taking some more pictures of your furry best friend! Pose them in front of a graffitied wall, your beloved city fountain, a famous monument, or a peaceful park bench. You can explore so many new areas this way and take pictures that you can treasure forever. (Don't forget to reward your model with some delicious treats... Perhaps, some of Lord Jameson's organic dog treats?)

10. Visit the beach

A lot of dog breeds enjoy getting wet and swimming in water! What better way to do this than to visit your local beach? There are tons of dog-friendly beaches that you can bring your dog to and in this weather, you just can't beat this activity! While your dog is splashing around in the water, you can soak up some sunshine or splash around with them, too!

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Conclusion of 10 Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog in the Spring

Spring has come, which means it's time to get out of the house and enjoy all of the life that is bursting forth from the earth. These outdoor adventures will not only encourage you to see the community in a whole new way alongside your dog, but they will also allow your furry friend to work off all that spring energy they've been accumulating. Taking the opportunity to go out with your pet is a vital part of developing your friendship and knowing that your dog is satisfied!

We hope you have fun this spring and please make sure to let us know what other activities you and your dog will be up to!

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