An Interview with Max Goldberg from Organic Insider

An Interview with Max Goldberg from Organic Insider

An Interview with Max Goldberg from Organic Insider

An Interview with Max Goldberg from Living Maxwell / Organic Insider

While we are in the middle of living some difficult times, staying healthy and being in a good condition must be a habit to everyone. Not only physically, but mentally, too. Lately, people have been engaging themselves into working out making people like Chloe Ting, Emi Wong, and Pamela Reif their everyday companions!

As claimed by the World Health Organization (WHO), what we eat and drink “has an effect on our ability to prevent, fight and recover from infections”. Consuming healthy food and practicing healthy diets are essential for providing sustenance to our immune systems. Proper consumption of food with good nutrition can lessen the danger of developing other health problems, which include obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. 

Well, what about the man's best friend in the family? It's important to keep track of the food that your dog consumes and the daily exercise that they're getting. Giving light to this matter will surely convince you to give them the highest quality of food they are about to eat! This is necessary because one of the many ways in which any pet owner can influence the lifespan and health and wellbeing of their pet is by having the best quality of food possible. Whatever food you give your dogs, its quality has the power to make a difference in their bodies. That is why introducing organic treats - not just for your dog - but especially for you is what we will discuss in this blog!

We are very lucky to have had the opportunity to have an interview with Max Goldberg, the Founder/Publisher of Organic Insider.

Organic Insider is a newsletter for the organic industry and has been called a “must-read” and “required reading” by many industry CEOs. It's perfect for people who really care about the organic industry from both a regulatory and business standpoint. With the help of many people in the industry, Organic Insider discusses trends, regulations, business issues, and so much more! They release bi-weekly newsletters for their audience to read and enjoy. (Make sure to sign up for their newsletter by clicking here - it's free!)

Max has been called “an organic sensation” by The New York Times and “one of the nation’s leading organic food experts” by Shape Magazine. His appearance on the Fox News Channel was called “the most hard-hitting GMO report ever aired in the mainstream media.”

We love that Max is being recognized for his passion for organic living... Not only are we inspired by his work, but so are thousands of people across the U.S.!


Max was just a regular person before discovering the importance of eating and consuming everything organic. After he received his undergraduate degree from Brown University, he moved to New York City to work in investment banking. This high-pressure work environment led him to a fast and very unhealthy lifestyle, including many late nights and plenty of self-destructive behavior.  Several years later and after he began to change how lived, Max discovered organic food in the summer of 2001 and has eaten close to 100% organic since that time.

What motivated him to eat nothing but organic was the shock he experienced when he learned that so much of the food supply is tainted with toxic pesticides, insecticides, growth hormones, and artificial preservatives. Intuitively, Max knew these things did not belong in his body and committed to only eating “the most nutritious food and clean food possible.” This switch didn't just give him more energy, it helped him change his relationship with food as well, and moreover, he began to perceive food as medicine. 

In addition to embracing organic food, he made other adjustments. He quit drinking alcohol in 1999, cigarettes in 2000 and nearly 11 years of antidepressants in 2001, and Max has never relapsed on any of them.  (Huge congratulations, Max!)   


In our interview with Max, he said that organic prohibits the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, artificial growth hormones and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). It is widely believe that GMOs have negative effects on human health, which could possibly lead to an allergic response or other undesired side effects, such as toxicity and even organ damage. The most well-known GMO foods include soy, canola, cotton, sugarbeet and corn, and in the last few years, genetically-engineered potatoes and genetically-engineered apples have both been introduced into the marketplace.

He also noted that organic foods are very much more nutritious than conventional foods, providing higher antioxidant and omega-3 levels,

However, for Max, buying organic is much more than improving one’s own health. It is a political statement. Shopping for organic is a way to protect farmers from exposure to toxic chemicals and avoids causing harm to the water supply.   

healthy foods


  • He eats as close to 100% organic as he can, but sometimes it is simply not available. He eats organic for health reasons and because supporting organic restaurants, juice bars, supermarkets, and food product companies is very, very important to him. These are companies that do business the right way, and he votes with his dollars every single day.
  • He eats both cooked and raw (plant-based, not sushi) foods.
  • He always travels with food.
  • He drinks as much fresh green juice as possible.


Max advised people that the best way to swtich to organic is to start with breakfast.  If someone can commit to eating organic for breakfast, that means 1/3rd of their diet is organic. It could be anything from organic oatmeal and cereal to fruits and eggs. For families with kids, it is really important that the meats and dairy products are organic because of the allowance of synthetic growth hormones in conventional food. Also, coffee is one of the most chemically-treated crops on the planet. So, be aware of what you are drinking each morning.


Max believes that non-organic food can be a frightening proposition with animals, mostly because it is much less regulated than human food. That being said, the effect is the same, whether it is a person on an animal. High-quality organic food will lead to a healthier and longer life for your pet.

“What you feed your pet really matters,” said Max.

We highly agree, Max! This is why we offer high-quality, 100% organic dog treats for dogs to enjoy! Our mission is to treat them to the highest culinary experience possible!


We really appreciated Max taking the time to teach us all about his experiences with organic living. We hope you all were able to gain some insight on how to keep both you and your dog healthy and don't forget to check out Organic Insider for more organic topics and information!

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