An Interview with Mulligan - @GoodBoyMulligan!

An Interview with Mulligan - @GoodBoyMulligan!

An Interview with Mulligan - @GoodBoyMulligan!

An Interview with Mulligan - @GoodBoyMulligan

Our Lord Jameson team is full of huge dog-lovers! Nothing makes us happier than seeing a wagging tail and going home to a smiley dog. We spend a lot of our time looking at photos of dogs on Instagram... Can you blame us!? It's impossible to pick a favorite dog, however, there are so many dog influencers that we're obsessed with! Their photos never fail to brighten up our days.

We recently interviewed @EllieHowls and @GigiGrowls (click here to read all about them) - so now, we thought we'd interview another one of our favorite dogs, Mulligan (@GoodBoyMulligan)!

Mulligan is a 2 year old Golden Retriever who has been posting on Instagram ever since he was a little puppy. (His puppy photos may just be some of the sweetest photos on the internet!) Lord Jameson has had the pleasure of collaborating with Mulligan a couple of times... He's a big supporter of our organic dog treats and we're big supporters of him and his adorable face!

We recently spoke with Mulligan's mom / 'momager', Rilee, who dove into the adoption story of Mulligan and how he became an internet sensation. Mulligan currently has over 113,000 Instagram followers and over 305,000 TikTok followers... Without any further ado, let's get into the story of Mulligan and his success!

The Story of His Adoption

On October 5th, 2018, Rilee (and her now fiancé) adopted Mulligan from a local breeder near her home in Michigan. It took them quite some time to choose which puppy they'd be taking home, because as she stated, "There's nothing NOT to fall in love with when it comes to puppies!" We totally get it! All of the puppies were beyond cute, so it was difficult to choose just one.
Mulligan ended up standing out to Rilee and her fiancé because they noticed that he was 'little Mr. Independent.' He strutted right over to them right away to introduce himself and say hello! He started to climb all over them, not apprehensive at all, which made them immediately fall in love! He was such a curious puppy which made them laugh - it's like he was checking them out! After getting to know them for a little bit, he climbed off and went exploring outside, crunching on the leaves in the grass. Due to his silly personality, and his incredibly adorable face, Rilee just knew that he was the perfect puppy for her and her fiancé.
Now that Mulligan has been with his furever family for 2 years, his personality has really shined through. There's nothing that Mulligan loves more in the world than swimming and getting soaking wet! He loves lounging in the doggie pool at his daycare and going up to his grandparent's lake in the summer. There, he jumps off the end of the dock after his dad, floats on kayaks, and swims with his doggie cousins. Even if he's not at the lake, he always finds a way to be in the water... He sometimes flips over his water bowl, just so he can lay in the puddle. He's beyond obsessed (and creative!)
As we mentioned, Mulligan's personality is super adorable... He truly is one of a kind with all of his funny little quirks! The quirk that gets the biggest laugh out of everyone is the fact that every morning when he goes on a walk, he finds the biggest stick and brings it home! Sometimes he will find it 5 minutes into the walk, and sometimes he will find it near the end, but no matter where he picks it up, he proceeds to carry it the entire way home. Rilee said that everyone on the street is always laughing and complementing Mulligan's stick. Sometimes, the stick he chooses is bigger than he is, which gets people to honk while they drive by! Rilee's parents keep all of the sticks that he collects on his walks... At the end of every month, they show off his awesome collection to his dedicated followers.
As most of us dog owners do, Rilee was constantly sharing photos of Mulligan on her personal accounts. She figured that it would drive her friends and family crazy, so she decided to create social media accounts just for Mulligan. His personality is too funny not to share! Over the past 2 years, Mulligan has reached millions of people and has gained hundreds of thousands of followers online. His social media accounts have changed his life and have even introduced him to some new friends. He's met up and collaborated with several other dog influencers!
It wasn't long before people became obsessed with Mulligan... Take us for example: The second we saw his handsome face, we became fans! To this day, his photos and videos continue to put smiles on our faces. One of the reasons that Mulligan has become so popular is because of how silly he is. His attitude can really just brighten anyone's day... Although the world can be crazy, there's nothing a smiling dog can't fix. Mulligan truly does help us to appreciate the small things.

To him, life is good as long as he gets love, sticks, and puddles!

Mulligan's success doesn't just stop at his social media accounts...
Last October, Mulligan and Rilee came up with the idea to start a shop for dog lovers... That idea blossomed into Mulligan's Pro Shop - an apparel and accessory shop for dog moms and dog lovers! Rilee absolutely loves designing clothing for other equally obsessed dog moms. It makes her day when she sees people wearing the clothing that she made - it's surreal! We are so proud of everything Mulligan and his family have accomplished. They are such lovely people and we are so happy that we have become friends with Mulligan.

Conclusion of An Interview with Mulligan

We'd like to give a big shoutout to Rilee for allowing us to interview her and her incredible dog, Mulligan. We appreciate all of Mulligan's hilarious TikToks and his adventurous photos that he's constantly posting. So, thank you again to Rilee... Keep up the great work!

Make sure to check out Mulligan on Instagram and TikTok! Also, don't forget to check out Mulligan's Pro Shop for all your dog accessory needs.

If you have a dog who enjoys posting on Instagram, then make sure to let us know! We'd love to see their photos. Tag us on Instagram @LordJameson, or send us a DM!