How PETS+ Magazine is Changing the Pet Sector

How PETS+ Magazine is Changing the Pet Sector

How PETS+ Magazine is Changing the Pet Sector

How PETS+ Magazine is Changing the Pet Sector

If you're going to be founding your own pet brand, or working with one, then you should most definitely have a passion for dogs! When there's passion behind something, it's bound to succeed. Of course, here at Lord Jameson, our entire team is full of dog lovers! Combined, our team has over 20 dogs (and it's still not enough in our eyes!) You'll find that most pet brands have team members that are dog lovers, too.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Pamela Mitchell from PETS+ Magazine. Pamela is the Editorial Director of the brand and she's also a great friend to Lord Jameson. Her assistant, Ty, who is a Boston Terrier, is a fan of our organic dog treats and we're a fan of how adorable he is!

Pamela has been working with PETS+ from the beginning, so she's been able to watch it grow into the fabulous company that it is today. The first issue came out in January-February of 2017... At this time, Pamela was doing some freelance work for them, then in November of 2017, she joined the staff as Senior Editor. Fast forward to 2020, and she is now the Editor-in-Chief! 

We are constantly inspired by Pamela's work and PETS+ Magazine, so we wanted to have an interview to hear more about what she does for the brand, and of course, hear more about her passion for dogs.

Without any further ado, here is that interview and more information on how PETS+ Magazine is changing the pet sector!


What is PETS+ Magazine?

Firstly, let's talk about what PETS+ Magazine offers... As Pamela describes, "PETS+ Magazine and digital products help the independent pet retailer and service provider be better at business."

Their goal is to give their readers the tools, inspiration, and information they need in order to thrive... They do this by telling retailer success stories, offering practical solutions to universal business problems, and showcasing products. Though their advertising products, PETS+ also give brands access to the top independent pet businesses throughout America. They're all about helping pet companies - which we love and appreciate!

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working With PETS+ Magazine?

When asking Pamela what she most enjoyed about working with the brand, she said: "Our readers. They are the true experts and are generous with their knowledge and expertise. We could not publish without their contributions."

We completely understand where Pamela is coming from! At Lord Jameson, we enjoy seeing the satisfaction in our customer's faces as they snack on our organic dog treats! Filling the bellies of beautiful dogs with delicious and healthy dog treats is the most rewarding feeling. We wouldn't be where we are today without our Lord Jameson fans.

What Does PETS+ Do For Animals?

As Pamela mentioned, PETS+ showcases products and helps pet brands succeed... With PETS+ helping independent pet companies do business better, and by helping brands reach those businesses, every company involved is able to reach more pets, which results in helping more pets. It's a win-win for all that are involved!

Pamela's Passion For Animals

Since she was a child, Pamela has always been a dog lover... She grew up with them and realized how much joy they bring. She even says that her dogs helped to provide a much-needed balance in her life. (We understand that 100%!)

To this day, Pamela volunteers with multiple animal rescue organizations where she offers her writing services and even coordinates fundraisers and donation drives. As animals have always been a big passion for her, it's only fitting that she works with a company that helps businesses in the pet sector.

Foster Fail Story

As you know, Pamela loves dogs, so she decided to foster them. Pamela's hard-working assistant, Ty, was originally just her foster dog. However, Pamela fell in love which resulted in his adoption stemming from a foster fail... (We love these stories so much!)

Pamela started fostering Ty when he was 5 years old. At this time, he had behavioral issues. Unfortunately, she didn't have much information on what his life was like before she got him, but she does know that it wasn't easy. To help Ty work through this, Pamela and Ty have worked extensively with a trainer to help him overcome his fears.

Pamela said: "A key ingredient in that training as far as thunderstorms go has been Lord Jameson's Summer Spark. It takes the edge off and helps him remain chill during the storm Houston summers."

We are so happy that our treats are able to help Ty and of course, make his little belly happy! Our treats are suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds and as Pamela said, they make great training treats. They're soft in form, so can easily be pulled apart to give smaller bits at a time.

For more information on our vegan dog treats, click here:

What's To Come for PETS+?

Like many small businesses, PETS+ has pivoted quite a bit during COVID-19 to offer new products and services. Recently, they had a virtual PETS+ Summit Online that we got to take part in! We got to speak all about our brand and even give a sneak peek of our Holiday Collection... Stay tuned!

In 2021, PETS+ will be introducing more digital offerings to help all of their readers and advertisers manage this new retail world. She also can't wait to get back to Global Pet Expo and SuperZoo - (either can we!)

Conclusion of How PETS+ Magazine is Changing the Pet Sector

We'd like to give a big shoutout to Pamela for this interview! We are so happy to know Pamela, and of course, we're super thrilled that Ty enjoys our treats.

Make sure to check out PETS+ Magazine to hear about what they're up to and like them on Facebook for further updates on their brand!

PETS+ also has a Facebook group that they offer for independent pet retailers and service providers, so if you're interested in joining, then click here.

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