Are Milk Bone Treats Good For Dogs

Are Milk Bone Dog Treats Healthy or Unhealthy?

Are Milk Bone Dog Treats Healthy or Unhealthy?

As a pet parent, you're responsible for your furry friend. It's your duty to provide them with love and ensure that your dog gets the best and safest foods and treats! It's a known-fact that most dogs love treats! Thankfully, there are tons of different treats on the market... There are some that help with growth, keeping fur soft, or even treats that help with tartar control!

One of the most popular dog treats found in the United States are milk bone dog treats. Even if you're not a dog owner, we're sure you're familiar with these crunchy dog treats! But there are certain questions surrounding these treats that make them to be given with caution to dogs. Some of the major questions are: What are the ingredients in milk bone dog treats? Are such treats unhealthy for dogs even if they are consumed in moderate quantities? Can these treats really cause cancer? What’s the FDA’s take on this?

As one of the most appreciated manufacturers of organic dog treats, we've come across several related questions from dog lovers regularly. So, let’s look at the reality and myths along with crucial studies conducted on these treats for dogs! Without furthered, let's answer the long awaited question of "are milk bone dog treats healthy or unhealthy?!"

are milk bone treats healthy or unhealthy

Milk Bone Ingredients

The first question to answer is "what are milk bones made out of?". They have a few different flavors, however, as stated on the back of the box, some ingredients include: Ground whole wheat, wheat flour, meat and bone meal, milk, beef fat, and more. There are also added minerals and vitamins, as well. For the full list of milk bone ingredients, check the back of the box!

Are Milk Bones Unhealthy for Dogs?

Milk bones are not unhealthy for dogs, however, like all treats, it's suggested to give them in moderation. A lot of veterinarians stay stocked up on milk bones - and lots of dog-friendly shops offer them to their furry customers, too! That being said, they aren't the healthiest for dogs either. Unlike our dog treats, milk bones are not USDA Organic Certified or vegan friendly - so when it comes to the healthiest dog treats, they aren't on the top!

FDA Take on Milk Bone Treats

Milk bones can contain BHA (which stands for butylated hydroxyanisole). In simpler terms, Dog Food Advisor stated that BHA is a "chemical preservative found in many popular dog foods." The FDA has suggested that BHA is safe - as long as it is in small doses. We are strong believers that organic is the way to go - so, our Lord Jameson treats do not contain any BHA.

Do Milk Bone Treats Cause Allergies in Dogs?

It's important to know what foods your dog is allergic to before feeding them any new type of treat. The three main ingredients in milk bones tend to be beef, milk, and wheat - so, if your dog is allergic to any of these ingredients, they may not be the best type of dog treat to give. As we mentioned earlier, there are other ingredients in milk bones, so before spoiling your dog with some, always read the entire ingredients list.

Alternatives to Milk Bone Treats

Milk bone dog treats were once the most popular option for dog owners, but people have been searching for healthier alternatives after some of the products caused health problems and allergies in dogs. Lord Jameson's dog treats are a great option because they are free of any ingredients that might cause allergies or health problems, and they're also delicious!

Our healthy dog treats are made with ingredients you can pronounce - and ones you can find at your local farmer's market! Whether that be blueberries, coconuts, sweet potatoes, or apples, we have several tasty flavors for your dog to enjoy. Our treats are packed with important vitamins and minerals which help your dog's overall health! If you're interested in checking out our delicious organic dog treats, then make sure to visit our website.

Conclusion of Are Milk Bone Dog Treats Healthy or Unhealthy? 

If you've wondered if milk bones are good for your dog, we hope we were able to answer your question! Knowing what you're putting in your dog's stomach, the amount of calories per treat you're giving, etc, is extremely important. The milk bone gnawbones aren't a bad option, but not to sound biased, our organic treats are better as they have nutritious quality ingredients!

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Thank you so much for reading and please give your dog some extra love from us!