Best Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah with Your Dog | Top 5 Hanukkah Gifts for Dogs

Best Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah with Your Dog | Top 5 Hanukkah Gifts for Dogs

Best Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah with Your Dog | Top 5 Hanukkah Gifts for Dogs

Best Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah with Your Dog

We absolutely love the holidays! Whether we're spending time with friends and family, shopping for gifts, or indulging on some delicious holiday snacks - this is our favorite season! When it's time for gift giving, we're always prepared! We know how difficult it can be to find the best gift for your dog... After all, you want to make sure it's perfect! Your dog is the one that's always loyal, happy to see you when you get home, and someone who loves you through it all.

Dogs just always know how to brighten our moods - no matter what. So, this Hanukkah, let's show your dog just how much they're appreciated by surprising them with a thoughtful gift! We put together a list of the top 5 Hanukkah gifts for dogs, so without any further ado, let's talk about them!

Top 5 Best Hanukkah Gifts for Your Dog

1. Lord Jameson’s Hanukkah Gelt

The first Hanukkah gift we are showcasing is our organic Hanukkah Gelt dog treats! We wanted to ensure that our Holiday Collection had treats for all dogs - no matter what they celebrate! Like all of our dog treats, these were hand-crafted in Colorado and are only made with all-natural ingredients... (Ones that can easily be pronounced and found in a local supermarket!) These organic treats are suitable for dogs of all ages, so whether you have a new puppy or a little senior, our Hanukkah Gelt treats are great for training your dog or even for using them as pill poppers. These Hanukkah Gelt treats were made with naturally grown organic blueberries, organic coconuts, gluten-free oats, organic peanut butter, and a few other delicious ingredients! They're suitable for vegans and are made without any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

For more information on our Hanukkah Gelt dog treats, click here.

2. Fabdog's Holiday Floppy Friends Hanukkah Moose Dog Toy

Next on our list of the best Hanukkah dog toys is this adorable little Hanukkah moose! This adorable stuffed toy from Fabdog is made with a beautiful light blue pineapple plush material and is poly-filled. It's extremely soft and is the perfect Hanukkah gift for your dog. The little antlers are shaped like a menorah to fit that lovely holiday theme! The toy will help to keep your dog entertained throughout the year - they won't just play with this during Hanukkah. It's truly a win-win and is bound to make your dog super happy.

For more information on Fabdog's Hanukkah Moose Dog Toy, click here

3. Naked Cashmere's Tie Dye Dog Sweater

The Hanukkah colors are blue and white - as that's the color of the Israeli flag. So, what better way for your dog to dress up for the holiday than with Naked Cashmere's Blue Tie Dye Sweater!? This beautiful sweater comes in sizes ranging from extra-small to medium. It's a pullover sweater, so it'll be super easy for you to get on your dog! It's made with 69 grams of 100% pure cashmere in a 9-gauge knit. The sweater has a harness opening near the collar for when you're on those daytime walks and it's complete with a ribbed trim. So, if your dog is a fan of wearing stylish clothes, then we'd highly recommend checking out this gorgeous outfit! No matter where your dog is going, they'll be the most stylish dog on the block!

For more information on Naked Cashmere's Tie Dye Sweater, click here.

4. Lord Lou's Blue Velvet Dog Bed

Talk about style... This dog bed from Lord Lou is extremely classy and beyond comfortable. It fits with the blue Hanukkah theme and is fit for dogs who weigh 25 pounds and under. This includes Jack Russell Terriers, Frenchies, Shih Tzu's, and more. The beautiful blue bed is made with 90% velvet and 10% polyester. The filling is 100% microfiber - which gives it that luxurious and cozy feeling. Another great thing about this bed is the fact that it's waterproof, so if your dog just got back from exploring the beach and they want to take a quick nap, they can comfortably do so in Lord Lou's bed without it getting all ruined!

For more information on Lord Lou's Blue Velvet Dog Bed, click here.

5. The Foggy Dog's Blue Stars Dog Collar

This Blue Stars dog collar from The Foggy Dog really fits the lovely Hanukkah blue / white theme! They were made in the USA and are available in four sizes ranging from extra-small to large. A big reason we're such supporters of The Foggy Dog is because every order feeds a shelter dog. We love that they give back to dogs who need us most - just as we do here at Lord Jameson! This is especially important to us during the holiday season! This collar is made with soft natural fabric on the outside and also on the inside to ensure that your dog is super comfortable... There is also a nylon webbing core that can withstand over one thousand pounds of pulling. So, it's safe to say that this collar is super durable and will last a long time! As The Foggy Dog states, this collar is perfect for sensitive pups with nylon allergies or chafing. This collar will really help them to get into that Hanukkah mood!

For more information on The Foggy Dog's Blue Stars Collar, click here.

Conclusion of the Top 5 Best Hanukkah Gifts for Your Dog

Those were our top 5 Hanukkah gifts for dogs! We hope we were able to inspire you and help you figure out what to get your dog for this upcoming Hanukkah! We hope you have an absolutely wonderful holiday with your family - of course, that includes your dogs! Let us know which Hanukkah gift is your favorite and if you decide to get any, then we'd love to see a photo of your dog with it!

Make sure to tag us on Instagram @LordJameson for a chance to be featured! Thank you so much for reading and Happy Hanukkah!