Giving Back | All For Them | Thankful Campaign

Giving Back | All For Them | Thankful Campaign

Giving Back | All For Them | Thankful Campaign

Giving Back for Thanksgiving

We can all agree that 2020 hasn't been the kindest of years... Although this year has had some major ups and downs, we are forever grateful for our lives and for our adorable dogs! Here at Lord Jameson, we're always giving back to dogs that need our love most. Since starting our company, proceeds from the sale of every item go back to support several animal welfare organizations including service and therapy dog groups throughout the country. Our own brand ambassador, Jameson, is a certified therapy dog who has changed so many lives for the better! We value the love that dogs give us so much!

Our brand believes that no dog should ever be without a human to love and treat them... No matter the breed, every dog deserves the best, so this year, we wanted to go above and beyond for all of our furry friends.

With the holidays coming up, we wanted to be prepared with gifts for our dogs. So, we created some delicious, beautiful, and healthy dog treats that are Christmas themed!

Lord Jameson's Gingerbread Cane Treats!

These organic dog treats were inspired by our grandmother's gingerbread recipe and adapted to fit the nutritional needs of dogs. They get your dog into the holiday spirit and are suitable for all dogs - no matter their breed, age, or if they're vegan!

These treats make for the perfect stocking stuffer and are so adorably festive! They're made from all-natural ingredients and even have some beautiful red and green coconut shreds to add an extra pop of that wonderful Christmas festiveness! To amp up the excitement of this new product and to give back even more, we started what we call our 'Thankful campaign'... During this campaign, we've asked our customers:

- What do you get that special someone who is always loyal to you?
- That someone who provides you with unconditional love?
- That special someone who is always happy to see you when you get home?

Well, we're sure you guessed that we're talking about your dog! Dogs are beyond special and deserve every bit of appreciation for their love. So, it’s time to be thankful and give back to our “special someone” with our Holiday Candy Cane and full holiday treat collection!

From November 23rd to November 27th, we will be giving back to dogs that need us most. We're looking to bring our Gingerbread Canes and organic goodness to a select group of three animal shelters and rescue organizations throughout the United States. For every bundle of canes sold, we will donate one full candy cane... Our customers will have the option of selecting their preferred charity at checkout.

Here are the wonderful animal shelters and rescue organizations that we'll be featuring:

1. ARF - Animal Rescue Fund:

ARF is an amazing rescue organization located in the Hamptons. They are actively rescuing cats and dogs and providing them quality care and sanctuary until they find their furever homes. ARF's three core values are compassion, integrity, and dedication. We are proud to collaborate with this incredible organization!

2. Humane Society of Boulder Valley

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley was founded in 1902 and has been helping animals ever since. Their mission is to protect and enhance the lives of companion animals by promoting healthy relationships between pets and people. Every year, they provide shelter and care to nearly 7,000 animals and help them find their new beginnings in the Boulder community. As all of our organic dog treats are also handcrafted in Boulder, this animal origination has a special place in our hearts!

3. Bully Up Rescue

The last organization we are collaborating with is Bully Up Rescue. They are a volunteer non-profit, foster-based organization located in Central Florida. They aim to restore a positive image of the beautiful bully breed. Bully Up Rescue rescues dogs from shelters, as well as assists in the safe placement of owner-surrendered dogs that meet their program qualifications. Here at Lord Jameson, we believe that all dogs are good dogs - so, we love that this organization showcases the bully breed... They deserve just as much love as all other dog breeds!

All for Them | Thankful Campaign

In conclusion, our goal this Thanksgiving is to fill the hearts (and bellies) of dogs in shelters. We strongly believe that no dog should be without a home - especially during the holidays. We're excited to donate canes to animals in need and we cannot wait for you to be a part of it.

If you choose to participate in our Thankful campaign, we will be sending you a photo of the sweet dogs who received the cane donations! They'll be spoiled with kisses and treats for the rest of the holiday season!

To participate in our Thankful campaign, click here. (At checkout, you will choose the organization that you want to donate to!)

Thank you so much in advance for giving back and for supporting not only our brand but these amazing animal organizations, too. We cannot wait to see the faces on the dogs that receive your donations!

Have a wonderful holiday!