Wrapping Up 2020

Wrapping Up 2020

Wrapping Up 2020

Wrapping Up 2020

2020... What a year! Although this year was a bit ruff for the world, we have continued to be so thankful for all of our wonderful Lord Jameson customers. We've been lucky enough to meet so many amazing dogs and dog owners throughout the year and we're looking forward to meeting even more in 2021... We love sharing the best dog treats with your dogs and seeing the smiles on their faces as they enjoy a delicious and healthy treat experience.

Our team is full of devoted dog lovers who only want the best for dogs... This is why we work so hard to provide them with all-natural, vegan-friendly, healthy dog treats! What really keeps us going is the support from all of our loyal customers!

Here's what 2020 looked like for Lord Jameson:

2020 has been a great year for Lord Jameson... We've announced new flavors, introduced our Holiday Collection, secured new partners and retailers, and even won awards!

This year, our Holiday Collection had something for everyone. Whether you and your dog celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, we had some dog treats to get them in that joyful holiday spirit!

Our Holiday Collection:

lord jameson holiday collection

We are so proud of our 2020 Holiday Collection... These products consist of:

- Hanukkah Gelt: These healthy dog treats contain naturally grown organic blueberries, organic coconut, gluten-free oats, and a few other natural ingredients.

These made for the perfect Hanukkah gift for dogs. We felt good knowing that your dogs were able to get into that Hanukkah spirit - and on top of that, be spoiled with some delicious treats! We loved seeing photos of your dogs opening their Hanukkah Gelt treats... Here are some of our favorite photos that were sent in:


- Gingerbread: These treats were actually inspired by our grandmother's gingerbread recipe and adapted to fit the dietary needs of dogs.

Another product from our Holiday Collection was our Gingerbread treats! They have such a beautiful aroma and incredible taste... (Yes, we may have tried them ourselves! Don't worry - we left some for our dogs!!)

- Holiday Cobbler: These dog treats were made with sweet and juicy apples and combined with aromatic coconut and holiday spice.

Kelly, a customer of ours, said: "My dogs love these. I tried to save them for Christmas but once I told my husband they're human grade, he tried one & now I'll have to buy more for the dogs. He says they remind him of something his mom used to make."

We are so happy that so many of your dogs (and partners) enjoyed these organic dog treats!


- Gingerbread Canes: Our Gingerbread Canes contain our Gingerbread recipe and are covered with  festive colored coconut shreds - just to add a little more to that holiday spirit. These are perfect stocking stuffers!

We are proud to announce that our Gingerbread Canes won an award for being the 'Best Dog Treat of the Year' by the Independent Innovation Awards!

Thank you to all of our incredible supporters and customers for helping us to make this happen! We are happy to create dog treats for your dogs to enjoy and be spoiled with. Here are some adorable dogs that were gifted some of our Gingerbread Canes:


We were so excited to share our canes and we wanted as many dogs as possible to be spoiled with our Gingerbread Canes. So, during the Thanksgiving holiday, we announced our Thankful campaign...

All for Them Campaign:

During this campaign, we worked with several amazing influencers to encourage our buy 2, donate 1 special offer. For every bundle of canes sold, we donated 1 to an incredible animal organization. We were able to donate cases of canes to 3 animal charities; ARF Hamptons, Humane Society of Boulder Valley, and Bully Up Rescue.

This campaign was very meaningful to us as our main mission was to show shelter dogs the love and appreciation they deserve. We believe no dog should be without a loving home, and during the holidays, there's nothing we want more than for dogs to find their furever home.

Here are a few photos of some of the gorgeous shelter dogs that were gifted our Gingerbread Canes!


More New Healthy Dog Treats...

As we mentioned, we announced some incredible products - most of which were in our Holiday Collection. However, we also introduced our 'Everyday Calm' dog treats!

These healthy dog treats are layered in rich notes of calming chamomile, nutrient rich coconut, gluten-free oats along with hand-selected super-foods including plant-based proteins like roasted peanut butter. These help your dog to relax and keep calm.

We're so happy with the outcome of the packaging and flavor and have been even happier hearing feedback from some of you. We will always continue to create a memorable culinary experience for your furry friends!

Lord Jameson was honored to be included in a ton of magazines and press this year!


We were honored that our dog treats were featured in:

- Marie Claire: 70 Best Gifts for Dogs, Dog Owners, and Dog Lovers In 2020

- Departures Magazine: The Best Gifts for Dogs—And Their Humans

- Prime Women: The Best Gifts for Dogs & Dog Lovers

- FSM Media: 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

- Vegetarian Times: 6 Plant-Based Treats Your Dog Will Do Tricks For

- Eating Well: 10 Best Holiday Gifts for Pets, Because They're Part of Your Quaran-team Too

... and more! See our full press list here.

2020 also introduced us to new partners

This year, we secured partnerships with several amazing retailers... Some of which include:

- Mud Bay: Mud Bay is one of the top 20 pet retailers in the United States. We were so excited to announce this partnership as they have over 60 locations throughout the Washington and Oregon areas.

- Hollywood Feed: Hollywood Feed provides pet communities with natural foods and products in over 100 stores across 14 states, including Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, and more!

- Rio Grande Service Center: Rio Grande Service Center has been at the center of distributing pet food and supplies for states like Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, El Paso, Texas, and more for over 30 years.

- Alamo Pet Experts: Alamo Pet Experts is the premier distributor of pet products for independently owned retailers in the states of Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Here's what some of our partners had to say:

Alamo Pet Experts:

“When I first started Alamo Pet Experts, it was with the intention to bring innovative and premium quality products to retailers and our region’s pets that are well packaged, put health above all, and environmentally friendly. We are proud to be partnering with Lord Jameson, as they couldn’t be a better fit to our treat category. Not only are they the first of their kind, the hand-rolled flavorful treats are something you wouldn’t even question trying for yourself. From the choice of ingredients to the scent the treats give off, if dogs could give Michelin stars for their culinary experiences, Lord Jameson would surely be on that list.”
Fernanda Marina, CEO of Alamo Pet Experts.

Rio Grande Service Center:

“We are always looking for high quality products that fit our customers’ needs and help differentiate them from their competition. Lord Jameson’s treats fit perfectly, with their superior ingredients, attractive packaging and super palatability. We look forward to offering Lord Jameson to our retail partners.”
Trent Green, manager of Rio Grande Service Center

Hollywood Feed:

“Providing the highest quality products to pet parents is central to what we do, and we feel Lord Jameson’s exceptional dog treats will resonate with our customers. We are beyond excited to begin this new partnership.”
- Shawn McGhee, president of Hollywood Feed

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Once again, we are so thankful for the endless support that we get from all of you. Whether you're one of our retailers or customers, we are proud to offer organic dog treats that are both full of flavor and healthy. 

There are so many exciting things coming for Lord Jameson in 2021 and we cannot wait to share them with all of you. Every year, we will work harder and harder to provide your dogs with the best dog treats that get their tails wagging! We look forward to what's to come in the new year... Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@LordJameson) for updates on new products, exciting announcements, giveaways, and more.

Thank you for everything, 2020!