Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day

National Dog Day is only 3 short days away! Are you ready to celebrate? We love to celebrate our furry friends, and National Dog Day is the perfect opportunity to show them our appreciation for their devoted companionship that we experience every day of the year. Dogs bring us laughter, unconditional love, protection, and so much more. Get ready to honor your pup this Sunday with some of our celebration tips!

1. Surprise your dog with a new toy or treat.

Whether your dog is a young pup or an older hound, a new toy or treat will never be turned down. Try out a new plaything, game, brand of treat, or even just switch up the flavor.

2. Adopt or donate to your local shelter.

National Dog Day is a day to honor not just your own dog at home, but also all dogs everywhere, especially those in need. There are always precious pups in need of homes. National Dog Day is the a great excuse to stop by your local shelter.

3. Teach your dog a new trick.

Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Give it a shot this weekend-- you never know how much your pup is capable of until you try! You might be very impressed by just how much your dog can do.

4. Walk somewhere new with your dog.

Give your furry friend a change of scenery for the annual holiday by taking them to a different dog park or exploring a new walking route.

There are SO many different ways to show your canine companion love for this annual holiday. Use your creativity to give your dog the best National Dog Day yet.

Most importantly, be there for your dog the way they are always there for you.