Who Said Beauty Pageants Were Only for Humans?

Who Said Beauty Pageants Were Only for Humans?

Whoever said beauty pageants were only for humans was surely mistaken. This past weekend, Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie had the honor of attending The G Girl Production's 5th Annual International Cotillion, a furbaby fundraising fashion show held here in New York City. To date, G Girl Productions has raised over $100,000 for charities and rescues around the U.S.A. It was a treat to be there!


The first evening of the event was dedicated to the diverse world we live in and our international friends within it. Dogs and their owners came from all over the world to attend the event. Our new friend, Adrian (@adrian_stephen_pets on Instagram), and his pup, Coco, came all the way from the Philippines!


Each pup came dressed in adorable costumes representative of their country of choice and walked the runway. Once every pup had strut the runway, they were rewarded with Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie sweet treats! Lord Jameson donated a treat bar for all the fabulous furbaby contestants. Blue Bliss was the most popular flavor of the night!


The second and final evening of the G Girl Event was the Cotillion everyone had been waiting for, the featured event of the chic weekend. Every pup dressed in their finest attire made by their favorite designers for their final runway debut of the weekend.


Lord Jameson held a booth amongst many other amazing pet brands to provide for all the contestants in store for new pet gear and treats. We felt so lucky to be able to attend this one of a kind event. A big thank you to G Girl Productions and congratulations to all of the contestants!