Dog Treat Packaging | Lord Jameson

Dog Treat Packaging | Lord Jameson

We are delighted to announce the new Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie package design which is set to launch March 15th.

Inspired by the loyalty that dogs have shared with humans for thousands of years, we set out to design a unique package that would honor their love and companionship and highlight their royal demeanor.

The diamond shape border on the top of the bag is the foundational image which expresses the culmination of life's four essential elements: Four sides indicating earth, fire, air, and water. Symbolically, it expresses riches, luxury, and prosperity. The diamond and brand logo are color matched to highlight the lead ingredient in each flavor.

A clear open window on the front of the package provides a sneak peek to the exquisite treats, each hand-rolled in organic shredded coconut.

The Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie will now consist of four spectacular flavors with our fifth flavor, Birthday Bash, launching later this week.


Blue Bliss (previously named Blueberry Bliss)

Coco Crush (previously named Simply Coconut)

Savory Sweet (previously named Sweet Potato)

Berry Best (previously named Sumptuous Strawberry)

You can pre-order the new packaging here.

Art Director : Annie Wu

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Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie is an organic dog treat company on a mission to elevate the bond between dogs and humans in every way possible. We curated a collection of premium treats that are beautiful in form and arouse the senses including sight, scent and taste. We are committed to providing the best culinary experience and do no use any gluten, corn, soy, dairy, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or GMO ingredients. Lord Jameson was named in honor of the company’s Brand Ambassador, Jameson, who is a certified therapy dog in New York City