Dog Rescue Stories | Lord Jameson

Dog Rescue Stories | Lord Jameson

Millions of dogs and cats are euthanized in animal shelters in America every year.  The hope of any animal shelter is the majority of their furry friends become adopted into loving homes; however, almost twice as many animals are euthanized as are adopted in shelters. There are always dogs in need of a home. What can be done to help this sad statistic? Adopting from shelters or rescuing when possible!

Many of our valued customers at Lord Jameson are rescue dogs, some of whom shared their amazing adoption stories with us.  The stories of rescues like Bertha, Rookie, and Trixie warm our hearts and give us hope for the futures of rescue dogs.


Baby Bertha


Meet Bertha! She was adopted from 4 Paws 4 Life Rescue and Boarding of Denver, Colorado. 4 Paws 4 Life is a volunteer, foster based rescue. They rescue dogs from high-kill shelters, and give them to foster families in order to eventually find them permanent, loving homes. Bertha was originally a temporary foster dog to her owner, only to be kept for a few weeks until her then broken leg had healed. However, Bertha’s foster parents immediately fell in love with her calm nature and welcomed into her into their furever home!


Bertha loves hiking and the outdoors being in the outdoors. Although Bertha is typically a strictly carnivorous dog, she loves Lord Jameson’s Coco Crush flavor, especially at the end of a long hike! Her owners actually love that treats are plant-based because they give her more energy for long outdoor days.

Bertha's exact birth date is unknown as she was found as a young puppy, but she looks forward to celebrating her “Gotcha Day” next week with some Lord Jameson Birthday Bash treats.

Although Bertha does not have her own Instagram account (yet), you can check out 4 Paws 4 Life on  Instagram @4p4l_rescue.

Rookie the Rookster


Meet Rookie, an adorable rescued “New Yorkie-poodle"! Rookie is an owner surrender. His biological mom was never spayed and became pregnant with four puppies. Rookie’s current owner intended to just foster Rookie then Hurricane Sandy happened and “Mommy said ‘yes!’” 

Rookie had been a bit neglected in his previous home and never let outside of his puppy crate, so he was mesmerized by seeing the outside world! He was matted and in desperate need of grooming when he first came home, but is looking beautiful and happy now that he is in his new home.

People see Rookie and say “How lucky is he to be rescued!”, but Rookie’s owner feels she is the lucky one for having gotten to rescue a dog as great as Rookie.

Rookie has a ton of food allergies, including poultry, egg,  grains, and beef. He cannot eat 95 percent of commercial dog food and treats. Luckily for Rookie, Lord Jameson has the perfect plant-based treats for his dietary needs. We love seeing him thrive on our vegan treats.

The life of Rookie the Rockstar is a fun one to follow, check him out on Instagram @the.rookster to see more of his adorable NYC adventures!



Meet Trixie, an adorable rescue mutt from Moreno Valley, California. Trixie was the runt of the litter, super tiny, and had never seen a vet before. When adopted, her eyes were crusted and watering from being sprayed with chemicals. Her mother had been impregnated by a street dog, so when her and her sibling were born, her mother’s owner did not want them and left them outside her apartment complex. Trixie had a tough start.

Since Trixie was just eating street food, no diet was provided, and she has some terrible allergies. She was exposed to termites and other things that she was highly allergic to in addition to her food allergies like beef, chicken, salmon, rice, and soy.  Her owner has to be very careful about what Trixie eats. She says Lord Jameson treats became an important for MisTricks because they are tasty and organic. Even Trixie’s owner has tried the treats herself and confirms they are delicious.


Trixie’s favorite Lord Jameson flavors are Coco Crush and Blueberry Bliss. She has had LJ treats at both of her birthday parties and “literally consumed all of them before they touch the other foods that were available”!

Trixie is now a full service dog, starting her journey as an emotional support animal. She has been to 5 countries and is about to embark on her second cross country trip. Keep up with her journey @mistricks on Instagram!

How does Lord Jameson help to improve the lives of shelter dogs before they find their forever homes?  Here at Lord Jameson we love to donate our tasty, organic treats to shelters similar to 4Paws4Life to show their dogs they are loved.  We want to show our appreciation for all rescuers do and the amazing dogs they bring out of the streets, kill shelters, or unsafe environments and into loving homes. It is amazing to know these rescue cuties are enjoying our Lord Jameson treats!