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At Lord Jameson, we pride ourselves on the all-natural, organic, and specifically plant-based ingredients that go into our treats. While companion animals are often associated with being natural meat-eaters, putting pets on a plant-based diets is becoming increasingly more popular. Dog owners are progressively interested in trying this diet for the health of their dogs as well as environmental and animal welfare concerns. However, there are also many skeptics of leaving meat out of a dog’s diet, which raises the question of what exactly a plant-based diet can do to benefit the health of your dog.


Based off a study conducted by Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Andrew Knight, it is suggested that a plant-based diet could be saving your dog from a number of illnesses and set-backs caused by potentially hazardous ingredients found in commercial meat-based diets.[1]  Knight draws evidence from four separate studies and surveys 12 different pet food companies to examine the nutritional adequacy of a vegetarian diet for dogs.  He concludes that dogs may in fact be “successfully maintained on nutritionally sound vegetarian diets long-term, and indeed, may thrive”.  He credits the vegetarian diet as being associated with a slew of benefits such as improved coat condition, allergy control, weight control, increased overall health and vitality, arthritis regression, diabetes regression, cataract resolution, and decreased incidences of cancer, infections, hypothyroidism and ectoparasites (fleas, ticks, lice and mites).


Despite all the perks, a meat-free diet is not necessarily fit for every dog’s needs. Knight mentions a possible setbacks of a meatless dog diet, which is that “deviations from normal ranges within blood test results do occur, but are uncommon”.  Some dogs are more sensitive than others when it comes to dietary changes.


Regardless of whether your dog is following a diet plentiful in meat, or free of meat—some occasional plant-based snacks are always a good idea as the benefits are endless. Many of our customers express appreciation for the plant-based nature of our treats as many of their dogs have allergies to meat and animal products.  Other more carnivorous dog customers are shocked to see their dog take a liking to a plant-based product, but love to see that they can enjoy such a natural and healthy treat.  Every dog varies, so it is impossible to say there is one perfect diet, but plant-based nutrition is often the fuel dogs need to help them prosper. And what more could you want for your precious pup!

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