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Organic Dog Treats and Long-Term Health

Organic Dog Treats and Long-Term Health

Organic Dog Treats and Long-Term Health

If you are a pet parent or a dog lover just like us, you must have wondered whether you provide enough nourishment to fulfill your furry companion's well-being.

It is only natural to worry about your pet's health. Especially since they can't directly tell us what they want. But their healthy diet is reflected in their cheerful behavior and healthy energy levels. 

Know that when your dogs are lively and have good immunity, you are doing something right with their diet!

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We understand the importance of providing nutrition to your dogs and are here to give you some healthy, nourishing and tasty options. 

At Lord Jameson, we focus on providing you with the best of natural and absolutely delicious, organic dog treats for your puppers.

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And if you are interested in exploring healthier treats for your pets and want to know the benefits of these organic treats and how they affect their health in the long term, read on!

Why Organic, Though?

There was a time, although it is somewhat difficult to imagine while living in this rapidly technologically advancing world, where we had an uncomplicated life and a more organic and sustainable lifestyle. 

Our pets, like us, ate organically produced, home-cooked and season-based foods.

After years of consuming processed foods, like we are returning to the more organic and healthy options instead of processed foods, our pets also show the same difference- health-wise when they consume organic and nutritious food options.

At Lord Jameson, we make fresh batches of organic dog treats made from the most fresh batch of ingredients, making them full of high-value content. They are sure to give you the satisfaction of providing your pets with a healthy substitute to processed and artificially made treats and a delicious, mouth-watering, tail-wag-worthy treat for your dogs!

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Good Food, Good Mood

Don't you love looking at your happy pets when they adoringly start munching on their favorite treats? Good food for these pups will make a good mood in your household, and sharing treats with them is alright as long as it is in a healthy quantity.

We also may need treats when training the pets or rewarding them for good behavior. Sometimes, simply to make them comfortable and happy. So, we can all agree that treats are an unavoidable part of your pets' life.

If you are trying to shift their meals to healthy and organic meals, and their treats are still unhealthy, you are right to worry! Many artificially processed dog foods contain toxic or carcinogenic items that will make their mark if consumed for an extended period.

Don't worry, as knowing a problem is the problem half solved. 

It is never too late to shift to organic dog treats, and once you do, you will see the benefits of the balanced and organic lifestyle you are offering your pup. For peace of mind, you can also speak with your veterinarian before you make the switch. 

Pros and Cons of Organic Treats

The only disadvantage of organic treats is if you have yet to try them for your pets! And the advantages? 

Let's look at those-

1.No harmful chemicals

When there is an absence of harmful additives and preservatives, you are also eliminating a lot of carcinogen-causing ingredients! Now, isn't that one of the best advantages?

2.Better digestion

Organic treats are easier to digest if your dog's stomach is more sensitive or even if it isn't sensitive. 

At Lord Jameson, we add ingredients like turmeric and ginger that are good for overall digestion and high-fiber ingredients that are high in vitamins, making our treats all-rounder and exceedingly helpful to digest.

3.Healthy skin, coat and teeth

Our organic treats have naturally high-value ingredients that promote healthy skin and shiny coats and help your dogs' dental health. 

Our treats come in different sizes so that you can choose the best ones for your pets. They are also soft, making them a great choice for healthy gums and teeth.

4.Less risk of obesity

It is unfortunate to see the pain some dogs go through because of being overweight. It not only causes issues with their legs, especially hind legs, for having to carry a lot of weight, but it also affects their lifespan and sometimes causes diseases like diabetes or thyroid. 

Yes, you read that right!

Our pets, just like us, can suffer these life-changing diseases, so while we want to keep them happy by offering them treats now and then, regular exercise and healthy, numbered treats will give both of you a lot of happy times together!

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How to Choose the Best Organic Treats for Your Pets?

If you are confused by the sheer number of choices you can choose from and are wondering how to choose the best organic treats for your dogs, do not fret! 

We will share a list you can refer to- to solve this issue of yours!

1.Ingredient Labels

If you want the simplest solution, simply understand the ingredients by reading the ingredient labels for dog treats. That way, if your dog is allergic to any ingredient or doesn't like one, you can easily avoid it.

Likewise, you can opt for treats that contain ingredients (vegetables, fruits, condiments or spices) they love the most!


2.Check your dog's dietary needs!

Speak with your veterinarian, and consider your dog's dietary needs a priority. Depending on their lifestyle, age, activities, and health, you can easily identify the best options for your pets.

3.Quality and certifications

Check if any brand's quality of food items is high and if they are certified. Once that is cleared, you will have peace of mind.

We at Lord Jameson offer dog treats certified as gluten-free, USDA organic, non-GMO, no preservatives and vegan, and made in small batches in Colorado, USA.

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How to Integrate Organic Treats in a Healthy Way?

Finding a balanced way of integrating treats between meals and playtime is the key here. Start by taking into account the quantity of meals they require daily, and make changes based on the healthy amount of food intake they need after adding treats into that amount.

Avoid giving them the treats when the puppers demand them, and instead reward them a treat for good behavior. 

Portion control is reasonable and healthy, and although it seems harsh at times, especially if you are a first-time dog parent, your pups will learn quickly and will still be content!

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Long-Term Health Benefits of Organic Dog Treats

If you are looking at the bigger picture, you will see that you have given your dogs a healthy lifestyle, healthy food options, and healthy munchies to make them happy, content, safe and loved.

By sharing organic dog treats, you share more than just tasty happiness!

1.Promoting a strong immune system

You are promoting a strong immune system in your dogs. 

Some breeds are prone to some health issues. Some have weak stomachs; some have issues with their legs or bones, some with their teeth, hair, skin or digestion. 

Even the healthiest of our beloved pets face some issues as they age. When their immune system is stronger, they can naturally resist these diseases or health problems better.

2.Supporting bone health

Joint and bone health in dogs is crucial, especially since they can't tell us directly if their joints are aching.

Like prevention is better than cure, providing them with healthy and nutritious food and treats will only help them sustain their health better.

3.Enhancing cognitive function

Haven't you seen cartoons like Popeye that promote eating healthy foods like spinach? That is because foods like spinach or blueberries contain nutritional ingredients and antioxidants that help your pet's cognitive function to stay sharp.

Certain nuts, seeds or legumes also help to delay and reduce cognitive decline.

Consider taking a look at our organic dog treats and their ingredients, and you will see just how healthy and thoughtfully put together they are!

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