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Corn-Free Organic Dog Treats: Delicious Options for Picky Pups

Corn-Free Organic Dog Treats: Delicious Options for Picky Pups

Have you ever wondered if you can find delightful, flavorful, healthy and corn-free organic dog treats that can show you some extra wagging tails?

If your pup is sensitive or has allergies, you might have faced some difficulties finding that healthy snack for them which bursts with flavor and wholesome goodness.

We at Lord Jameson understand the importance of having that scrumptious treat tailored to your picky/sensitive pawsome pet!

If you are looking for more information about corn-free organic dog treats, read on, and we will tell you all about how you can make your picky puppies happy!

Are Corn-free Treats a Healthy Option for Dogs?

Corn is often a common ingredient in many pet treats or foods, but it is also a common ingredient that causes digestive irritation or allergic reactions in some dogs. Corn-free treats are a great option for those puppers who have some dietary sensitivities or have shown allergic symptoms to corn or products made from corn.

If you suspect your dog's bad reaction to corn, here's some reasons why you should try corn-free treats as a healthier option for your pawsome pets!

  • Reduced allergies

Corn is one of the most common allergens for dogs, and when you eliminate it, you can significantly reduce the risk of allergic reactions that include skin irritation, digestive problems and reactions like extra paw-licking, scratching and irritable behavior that accompanies it.

  • 2Better digestion

If your pet finds corn difficult to digest, if you continue the intake, it can often cause serious gastrointestinal issues, bloating, excessive gas and upset stomach. It is always better to avoid such ingredients to improve the overall digestive health of your dog.

High-quality ingredients

If corn is replaced with other high-quality ingredients that include balanced levels of proteins, good fats, and all the nutrients necessary, you will see great energy levels and a wellness factor in your pup!

  • Weight management

Corn contains a higher glycemic index compared to some other ingredients. If you are looking to manage your dog's weight or blood sugar levels, eliminating corn and including organic treats that have healthier carbohydrates is a great option.

  • Natural and organic dog treats

Lord Jameson's natural and organic dog treats are made with fresh products, are free of GMOs, artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and are a great option for your pup!


Natural And Organic Dog Treats | Lord Jameson

It is important to note that if any pet food item or treat is corn-free, it doesn't necessarily make it a healthier option. It is vital to read the whole ingredients listed and speak with a veterinarian whenever in doubt to ensure your pupper's well-balanced health.

It is also always a good practice to share your thoughts and have conversations about your dog's unique dietary needs and preferences with the veterinarians before you make any changes in their diet!

Understanding the Benefits of Corn-free Organic Dog Treats

Just like us humans, dogs often have preferences to foods, have or can develop allergies or sensitivities for certain foods. Corn is one such item- it is a common allergen, and if you prefer a specific type of diet for your pet that excludes corn, you can certainly find products that align with your needs to cater to your pet's specific dietary preferences.

By choosing corn-free organic dog treats, you are prioritizing your furry friend's health and offering them a better option. At Lord Jameson, we offer you a rainbow of choices that your pup will absolutely love, and which is a great option for their overall health. 

We offer treats that are not only tasty, but promote healthier and happier lives. To know more about the ingredients we use, click here!

Corn-free Organic Dog Treats | Lord Jameson

How to Choose the Right Corn-free Organic Dog Treats?

You may be worried about finding high-quality corn-free dog treats, but let us share some pointers as to how you can select the right organic treats. 

Here are some factors you can consider, and make an informed choice before you provide the best option to your furry-friend.

  • Ingredient list

Always read the ingredient list carefully. Avoid getting food/treats that don't cover the ingredients used. See if the treats are made from fresh, organic and natural ingredients, and ensure that corn or any corn-derived products are not listed.

  • Certifications

Look for certifications and opt for treats that are certified by reputable organizations. This ensures that the ingredients used meet specific standards and are free of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

  • Avoid artificial flavors or additives

It is always better to choose treats that are free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Organic treats should contain only natural ingredients that provide flavors and nutrition.

  • Consider size and texture of the treats

Treats should be of an appropriate size for your dog, especially if they are a larger or smaller breed. At Lord Jameson, we have a soft texture in small and large sized treats that helps solve and avoid dental and digestive problems.

To know more about our collection, click here!

  • Read reviews and recommendations

Look for reviews or recommendations from other pet owners and your veterinarians. Real experiences are always valuable and provide insights into the quality and effectiveness of the treats.

It is natural to worry, but with the right research and considering the factors mentioned above, you can easily ensure that your most beloved companions get not just delicious but beneficial treats.

New Treats to Picky Pups | Lord Jameson

Tips for Introducing New Treats to Picky Pups

Start small, begin with small portions of the new treats and gauge your dog's reaction. This will help you to find their preferences easily.

Mix with familiar treats. Let's say your pups are used to and love certain treats, and you are not sure how they will react to the new taste of organic treats. Then, you can start by mixing new treats with their old preferences, making them comfortable with the additional smells, flavor and changed texture.

You can also try using interactive games or play to introduce treats. This keeps your pet's mind engaged and they associate the fun times and play with the new treats.

You can also consider offering these treats as rewards for good behavior. While doing so, just make sure you are not over-feeding them!

It is always a good practice to establish a treat time once they are accustomed to the new treat. This will help them associate time in a positive manner.

Every dog is unique and once you pay attention to their reactions and priorities, adjusting to their changing age, needs, and taste preferences will become second nature to you! While doing so, don't forget to enjoy this process with your pup!

Delicious Corn-free Organic Dog Treats | Lord Jameson

Delicious Corn-free Organic Dog Treats

In conclusion, we are deeply committed to the well-being of your beloved furry companions at Lord Jameson. We focus on crafting organic treats that prioritize health using the finest, fresh, and safe ingredients. 

We understand the importance of making treats for different breeds of different sizes, ages and preferences and focus on carefully and lovingly formulating nutritional and mouth-watering treats while being gentle on their digestive systems.

Your pet's happiness and health are at the forefront of what we do, so if you have questions, concerns or want to know more about our organic treats, please don't hesitate to reach out!