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Grain-Free Organic Dog Treats: Delicious Options for Sensitive Pups

Grain-Free Organic Dog Treats: Delicious Options for Sensitive Pups

Have you ever felt like you need to find better, healthier and tastier treats for your pawsome pets with sensitive digestive systems?

If your pups have allergies, or certain sensitivities to grains or synthetic substances, you may have found yourself looking for options that make your pets happy but also support their health.

Delicious Options for Sensitive Pups | Lord Jameson

At Lord Jameson, we procure treats that are carefully designed to provide organic treats that have a higher nutritious quality. 

With snacks that are grain, corn, soy, or gluten free- in general, you can also have rather flavorful and healthy options for your pets. For more information about our organic dog treats, click here!

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Grain-free Organic Dog Treat for Sensitive Pups

At Lord Jameson, we focus on making organic dog treats that your pup will enjoy, look forward to, and which will also be beneficial for their health. Our treats are outrageously delicious, soft, chewy and come in various flavors.

Here's some more information about our organic dog treat bundles-

  • Farmstand Collection Bundle 

This collection contains packs of banana, carrot, watermelon, mango and apple pops.To know more about it, click here!

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  • Wellness Collection Bundle

We take the wellness of your pets very seriously, and that is where this collection plays a big role.

Your pet will get some extra love with the collection that includes a bag of Daily Greens, Everyday Calm and Golden Health. Sounds pawsome, doesn't it, and it comes with a dose of health benefits! 

Go on, and try this collection- click here for more information!

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  • Everyday Collection Bundle

Whether as training treats or celebratory, every day can be a different treat day for your puppers. One bag of Blue Bliss, Berry Best, Coco Crush, Celebration Bash and Savory Sweet can make your pet's week full of flavors and organic goodness!

Want to know more? Click here!

  • Best Seller Collection Bundle

If you are wondering what the majority of the puppers around love the most, our best seller collection will give you favorites!

One bag of Blue Bliss, Banana Pops and Celebration Bash is the combination of the best of the taste and health!  Want to check it out? Click here!

No matter whether your dog is a picky eater, or has a sensitive stomach, our organic dog treats are USDA Certified, and gluten-free.

Each and every ingredient in a particular treat is mentioned in case of allergies, and we have more flavors than ever for you! If you are not looking for collections, and want to try single or multiple packs of your choice, simply click here and check out the entire Lord Jameson collection!

Are Grain-free Treats a Healthy Option for Dogs?

With the changing times, we have come to question our lifestyle and make it healthier. Don't we all crave some or the other unhealthy, processed food; even when we know it isn't healthy! But over time, we start seeing the ill-effects of the unbalanced and unhealthy food. 

Same goes for our pets! With a slightly more conscious effort towards making slight changes in our food intake, we can help our pets with a stronger immune system and good health. 

Some of your pets may be allergic or sensitive to certain foods, some of you may want to avoid gluten and opt for grain free treats as a more suitable option.

So, if you are worried about any potential allergies, or want to check out all the details before you switch your pets' food to a grain-free, organic diet, here are some steps you can take before you make the change

Consult a veterinarian

Always check in with your veterinarian before you make any changes in your pet's diet or lifestyle. They can provide you with the proper, in-depth information and guidance for your specific needs.

Check the brand and read the labels

Check if the food brands you are choosing are certified, and provide you the best, highest-quality products for your pets! Always check the ingredients to make sure you are not missing out on an allergen.

Practice moderation

Whether treats or meals, keep the food intake balanced, so that your pets don't feel over or under fed, and you avoid further problems like bloating, gastric issues or further complications due to extra weight.

Will my Dog Benefit From Grain-free Treats?

Whether or not your dogs have sensitive digestive systems and allergies, it is important to make sure that their diet is balanced and well-rounded in terms of nutrition.

If your dogs have any allergies, they will certainly benefit from grain-free treats and will find relief from the reactions; while still having delicious foods.

It is important to consult with a veterinarian and get tips about the dietary and nutrition related tips before you make any major changes or introduce a grain-free diet in your dog’s life.


What should pet owners look for in grain-free dog treats?

Look out for substitutes to grain, and any artificial ingredients that may be available in grain-free dog treats. It is always good when you know all the ingredients so that you can make informed decisions regarding your pet’s health.

What are the ingredients in these organic dog treats?

At Lord Jameson, we include various ingredients that are naturally healthy and provide multiple health benefits. There are ingredients that have antioxidants, some have healing or soothing properties, those which are good for specific purposes like for teeth, bones, skin, hair-coat, for eyes, etc.

You can choose the best ones for your dog's specific needs and boost their immune system while making them happy with delicious organic goodness!