Organic treats come in handy when you train or socialize your puppies. At this stage, ingredients that help boost immunity and emphasize the importance of positive reinforcement are vital.

Organic Dog Treats Tailored to Meet the Unique Needs of Dogs at Various Life Stages

Organic Dog Treats Tailored to Meet the Unique Needs of Dogs at Various Life Stages

Are you a first-time pet parent; who wants to know the most important basics of following a healthy and organic diet for the best care of your pet?

Or are you with a rather picky eater, and you want to know the best organic treat options for your pups?

Or, is your pup starting to change their food preferences, and you want to know why they don’t want their favorite treat anymore?

It is only natural to have such worries, but know that it is also natural for your pets to change their preferences according to their age, or even in general.

It is possible that there may be more to the changing preferences than just the taste of the treats. Whether it is getting sensitive teeth, to needing some more and different nutritive needs, over time your dog’s preferences and requirements are going to keep changing as they age.

Although these changes seem a little scary at times, we are here to tell you all about these golden stages of your pet’s life and how you can make changes in their diets accordingly. 

Read about organic dog treats tailored to meet the unique needs of dogs at various life stages of your pawsome pets!

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The Different Phases in a Dog's Life

Just like us hoomans, our puppers go through some changes as they age. From the beautiful journey as a puppy to the wisdom of their older and golden years, each phase brings its own unique joys and challenges. 

To make understanding these stages a little easier, explore into the world of healthy and organic dog treats that evolve just like your pets.

  • Puppyhood Delights

Organic treats come in handy when you train or socialize your puppies. At this stage, ingredients that help boost immunity and emphasize the importance of positive reinforcement are vital.

Whether it is for your teething puppies who need a softer bite, or for training; our treats are proven to be highly effective. At Lord Jameson, we make our treats highly malleable so that they can be easily broken into smaller pieces. You can also check out our bite sized Small Breed collection.

  • Adolescent Energy-Bursts

It is vital to share energy-providing organic treats for your active dogs. Many treats have unhealthy and preservative inclusive ingredients which are unhealthy for your teen-pets. Help them stay healthy as they grow and develop into strong, beautiful and happy adults.

  • Adult Maintenance

The role of treats in dental care, in maintaining a healthy weight, and meeting dietary needs for adult dogs is necessary. When adult maintenance is followed through, you and your pets will face lesser challenges in the future.

Organic Dog Treats
  • Comfort for Your Seniors

Older dogs commonly face dental sensitivities or tooth loss, making a soft and comfortable treat the preferred option for their mature mouths.

Healthy and comforting treats can also support joint health, cognitive function, and overall well-being in older dogs. With the right treats, your little buddy will be happy, have great cognitive function and have a sense of contentment.

Benefits of Organic Dog Treats

  • Specialized Dietary Requirements

It is common to have some specific dietary requirements for your pets. Whether they are sensitive, have allergies, or need particular restrictions, it is important to discuss the specialized dietary requirements with your veterinarian.

Our dog treats are organic, wholesome, fresh, nutritious and absolutely delicious! You can easily check the ingredients and choose from our wide array of dog treats.

  • Behavioral Help

Just like us humans, many times, the way to your dog's heart is through its stomach! If you are dealing with your pet's behavioral issues, like aggression, anxiety, boredom, you can use healthy treats in moderation, to comfort and enrich the lives of your pets!

  • Time for Some Bonding

It is possible to have some hiccups when it comes to bonding. It is possible that your pup is extra shy. Or that the doggo you recently adopted is not sure about you yet. Whether you are on shaky ground, or you already have a good bond, you can strengthen your bond with your pets by emphasizing on the treats and making your time with them more enjoyable!

Organic Treats for Better Health
  • Organic Treats for Better Health

The advantages of having organic treats go beyond providing a wholesome nutritional value. You are able to boost their immunity, strengthen their teeth, protect them from harmful chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavors, and still make them happy with soft balls of nutritional deliciousness.

Whether you have a puppy, adolescent teenager pup, pawsome adult, or a goofy older dog, we have something for all of them no matter if they are a smaller breed or larger one.

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Importance of Choosing Treats Suitable for Different Life Phases

It is important to choose treats that are suitable for the different phases of life to provide your dogs with a balanced, nutritional health support that they can also enjoy.

Nutritional Value

When your pup needs a higher level of proteins and energy to support growth, if they don't need that amount of nutrition, they will need help as they grow into adult dogs. Whether it is for strong joints, to proper muscle-mass, choosing the right type of food is incredibly important! 

Weight Management

Overindulgence is never healthy, and no matter how many puppy-eyes and sweet whines you get from your pet, maintain a healthy calorie intake to prevent weight issues and obesity.

Dental Health

Dental health may be one of the overlooked problems during the earlier stages of our pet's lives, as dental issues become more prevalent with our pet's age. Selecting treats that are designed for dental aid and care will reduce plaque, tartar buildup and maintain a healthy oral health.  


Healthiest Dog Treats

Sensitive Digestive Systems

Your pets may be sensitive since they were puppies, or may develop some sensitivity as they age. Many times these sensitivities will lead up to more complex digestive problems. You can consider opting for treats that are gentle on the stomach and don't contain common allergens like dairy or gluten to avoid discomfort over time.

Training and Behavioral Support

Treats are one of the easiest methods for training your dogs, or as rewards for good behavior. You can keep your pets motivated and support positive reinforcement by using age-appropriate treats.

Food Allergies

Older dogs may develop allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients. When you choose treats with limited or hypoallergenic ingredients, you can prevent adverse reactions.

Mental Stimulation

Like us, many dogs can feel boredom, leading to issues like over-scratching, biting paws, etc. Mental stimulation becomes increasingly important for that reason. Treats can help keep their minds sharp and engaged.

Overall Well-being

Our treats are designed to help your dog's life stage and promote their overall well-being. We want to ensure that your pets get the best possible care and support as they age. With proper nutrition, and delicious taste, we want your pet's longevity and happiness.

Our thoughtful collections are selected carefully to enhance the quality of their life and strengthen the bond between them and you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the healthiest dog treats?

The healthiest dog treats are those that prioritize your dog's well-being and nutritional needs. Here are some factors to consider when choosing healthy dog treats:

  1. See if the ingredients are natural and avoid those with additional artificial flavors and preservatives.
  2. Go for high-quality protein sources- which help for muscle maintenance and overall health.
  3. Having simple, flavorful and limited number of ingredients is a good choice.
  4. Treats should not be the reason for weight gain, so opt for treats with low fat.
  5. It is great to avoid grains especially if your dogs are prone to sensitivities or have allergies.
  6. Choose treats that are appropriate for your dog's size and are designed for dental health.
  7. Steer clear of ingredients that are toxic for dogs, like chocolate, grapes, raisins or xylitol.
  8. Always consult our veterinarian before introducing new food products into your dog's diet.

It is essential to consider your dog's age, size and activity level along with health issues while selecting organic dog treats to create and maintain a balanced diet.

Puppyhood Delights

Can I give my dog organic treats every day?

The standard guideline for rationing treats is no more than 10% of your dog's daily calories. While organic treats can be a healthier option for your dog compared to treats with artificial additives and fillers, it's important to exercise moderation and consider your dog's overall diet and health when giving treats daily.


Healthy Dog Treats

At Lord Jameson, we offer organic treats for small breeds, large breeds and dogs of all sizes and ages. We offer love in every bite, making healthier, non-processed, earth-friendly, natural treats that your pet will love! 

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