A Plant-Based Pet Diet

At Lord Jameson, we pride ourselves on the all-natural, organic, and specifically plant-based ingredients that go into our treats. While companion animals are often associated with being natural meat-eaters, putting pets on a plant-based diets is becoming increasingly more popular. Dog owners are progressively interested in trying this diet for the health of their dogs as well as environmental and animal welfare concerns. However, there are also many skeptics of leaving meat out of a dog’s diet, which raises the question of what exactly a plant-based diet can do to benefit the health of your dog.   Based off a...

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Rewarding Rescue Stories

Millions of dogs and cats are euthanized in animal shelters in America every year.  The hope of any animal shelter is the majority of their furry friends become adopted into loving homes; however, almost twice as many animals are euthanized as are adopted in shelters. There are always dogs in need of a home. What can be done to help this sad statistic? Adopting from shelters or rescuing when possible! Many of our valued customers at Lord Jameson are rescue dogs, some of whom shared their amazing adoption stories with us.  The stories of rescues like Bertha, Rookie, and Trixie warm our hearts...

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Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie's New Luxury Packaging. Pamper Your Pooch Today.

We are delighted to announce the new Lord Jameson Dog Patisserie package design which is set to launch March 15th. Inspired by the loyalty that dogs have shared with humans for thousands of years, we set out to design a unique package that would honor their love and companionship and highlight their royal demeanor. The diamond shape border on the top of the bag is the foundational image which expresses the culmination of life's four essential elements: Four sides indicating earth, fire, air, and water. Symbolically, it expresses riches, luxury, and prosperity. The diamond and brand logo are color matched...

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