10 Cute Dogs on Instagram

10 Cute Dogs on Instagram

10 Cute Dogs on Instagram

One of our favorite things to do is look at photos of cute dogs on Instagram... Seeing a dog's photo never fails to put a smile on our faces! There are over 1 billion active monthly users on the platform (and a ton of those accounts are for dogs!) As funny as it may sound, many of these dogs end up turning their Instagram page into their full-time job... They collaborate with brands, share their favorite toys, food, and treats in return for payment or commission. There are millions of dog owners that share daily photos of their dogs exploring, sleeping, and having fun... We absolutely love it!

Recently, we wrote a blog where we shared a list of 10 dogs on Instagram that we love. You can never look at enough dogs, so we wanted to share another batch of incredibly cute dogs on Instagram. So, without further ado, here are some more adorable doggie influencers!

List of 10 Cute Dogs on Instagram

1. Dexter: @DextyTheDachshund

Dexter (aka Dexty) is such a sweet little Dachshund. Dexter is living life in sunny California and describes himself as 'mini, but thickie'! (He even has a whole 'twerking' section on his Instagram, haha!) As you can tell by his Instagram feed, Dexter enjoys laying on his back with his belly out. He's constantly smiling and is always spreading happiness to everyone who sees his photos. He currently has over 92,000 followers who look forward to his beautiful smile every day! 

2. Mallow: @MallowFrenchie

Mallow is an adorable Frenchie with over 55,000 Instagram followers! It's impossible not to smile when looking at his photos as his smile is super contagious. He describes himself as 'cute and curvy' which is very accurate! Mallow has a girlfriend who he often takes photos with... She's also a Frenchie named Nuggi and honestly, they're relationship goals! They take beautiful photos together and they love to snuggle up next to one another! Mallow is very popular and has even been featured in Miami New Times and Forbes!

 3. Meebo: @Golden.Meebo

We absolutely adore Meebo! Meebo is a handsome Golden Retriever who loves to play fetch. He's always out exploring the gorgeous beaches in California and he's always in a smiley mood! Meebo currently has over 83,000 followers on Instagram who he shares his adorable photos with. He spreads happiness and positivity in every post that he uploads... Keep on smiling, Meebo!

4. Doug: @ItsDougThePug

Doug is the most followed Pug on Instagram... He has over 4 million followers who are obsessed with him... (We're one of them!) Doug is so popular, that he's even won a People's Choice Award! He takes such creative photos and has his own merchandise. He sells t-shirts, face masks, backpacks, beach towels, pillowcases, and so much more. Doug basically has his own empire! Sometimes, Doug even collaborates with celebrities... As of 2020, he's collaborated with Marshmello, Billie Eilish, Cole Sprouse, and more. Just like our very own Jameson, Doug is a little doggie volunteer. In 2019, he visited St. Jude Children's Research Hospital where he gave everyone love and continuously spread happiness. We always look forward to seeing his photos!

5. Scout: @ScoutGoldenRetriever

Scout is one of our all-time favorite Golden Retrievers! He's known as the 'Free Hugs' dog! Scout is a therapy dog who's on a mission to make the world a better place one 'Free Hug' at a time! The message he spreads is beyond wonderful... Scout and our Brand Ambassador, Jameson, are very much alike - they both enjoy helping people and spreading good vibes. Scout is always sharing his smiles with his 209,000 followers... He's gaining new followers every day thanks to his gorgeous face!

6. Frida: @FridayDoggy

Frida is such a beautiful tiny Chihuahua who lives in New York City! She's named after her idol, Frida Kahlo (hence why her full name is Frida Chihualo!) Just like the original Frida, this little Frida says she has a vibrant way of seeing the world. She was rescued by her pawrent, Bianca, who is a TV host. Frida is a big fan of our Lord Jameson treats... She said: "I especially love these treats because as a Chihuahua, my little teeth cannot handle hard, crunchy snacks, so when mama breaks up a chewy Lord Jameson treat for me, I'm in heaven!" We're so glad to hear that, Frida!

7. Jiff: @JiffPom

Jiff is the most followed dog on Instagram! Amazingly, he has over 10 million followers... Yes, you read that right... 10 MILLION! It's so impressive! Just like Doug the Pug, Jiff has worked with tons of different celebrities including Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Steven Tyler, Shawn Mendes, and so many more. Jiff has even been on TV several times and has been invited to red carpet events. He's such an adorable little Pomeranian with amazing style who takes super creative photos!

8. Loki: @Loki

Loki is another super popular dog on Instagram! He has over 2 million followers that he shares his adorable face with! As he states in his bio, when you're on his Instagram, you're 'witnessing the journey of an uncivilized canine.' Loki is a Wolfdog who's constantly traveling around America, posing in front of the most beautiful locations. He enjoys canoeing, swimming, hanging out on the beach, and cuddling up with his owners and best fur friend, Bailey.

9. Taco: @Adventures.of.Taco

We can't get over Taco's little face! He is so incredibly handsome! Taco is a super sweet Maltipoo who's one and a half years old. He's currently living a fun life in sunny California with his owners and his fur brother, Theo. Taco has been uploading photos on Instagram since he was a puppy and now boasts over 45,000 followers! We've loved seeing him grow up and we always look forward to his posts!

10. Maya: @MayaPolarBear

Last, but certainly not least, this is Maya! Maya is an adorable Samoyed who makes hilarious videos! With over 1.9 million followers on Instagram and 1.7 million on YouTube, it's safe to say that Maya is super popular. She's loved by millions and it's not hard to see why... She's beautiful, funny, and has such a unique personality. We'd like to say thank you to Maya's mom, Lingli, for sharing such lovely photos with all of us!

Conclusion of Cute Dogs on Instagram

Those were 10 cute dogs on Instagram that we absolutely adore! We hope this blog was able to put a smile on your face (it's kind of impossible not to smile at these cuties!)

Please make sure to let us know which dogs on Instagram are your favorites... We understand that it's impossible to choose one! Thank you so much for reading and please, go give your dog some love on behalf of us!